Living In: Coffee & Cigarettes

Jim Jarmusch’s 2003 film Coffee and Cigarettes isn’t so much a movie as it is a series of short films. Indeed, the collection of black and white vignettes about the consumption of the aforementioned vices began with a short film of the same name in 1986. After two sequels, Jarmusch applied the deceptively simple theme of conversations over coffee to his 2003 feature length film. The result is a compilation of witty, funny and often strange episodes featuring such big names as Bill Murray, Cate Blanchett, Steve Buscemi, Iggy Pop and The White Stripes.

Although the film’s monochromatic approach to both color and cadence might put off some viewers, there is no denying that Coffee and Cigarettes is one stylish film. From the pointedly stark opening titles featuring the Kingsmen’s classic song, Louie Louie, to the aerial shots of café tables in varying states of disarray, the film is a cool, kooky and surprisingly delicious love letter to the art of conversation and indulgence. — Max

1. White Apron, $2.39 | 2. Brooklynese Sugar Bowl, $9.81 | 3. Mug, $9.71 | 4. Wooden Dice, $9 | 5. False Eyelashes, $10 | 6. Checkerboard Jeans, $29.99 | 7. Bar Stool, $44.99 | 8. Oxford Shoes, $372

1. Tie, $74 | 2. Vintage Jukebox, $500 | 3. Industrial Coffee Maker, $220.88 | 4. Sugar Pourer, $3.71 | 5. Biker Jacket, $116 | 6. Diner Booth, $343.99 | 7. Napkin Dispenser, $13.39 | 8. Wall Sconce, $129

Film: Coffee & Cigarettes

Director: Jim Jarmusch

Set Decorator: Rena DeAngelo

Wardrobe: Catherine George, Rubinger Jillian, Jessica Pastor


Oh Wow! I’ve always loved this film! So glad to see it here! You really captured the vibe of the film with these items. Those checkerboard jeans are unbelievable!

My favorite segment is the one with Bill Murray….freakin’ hilarious!


I agree with Sue – Bill Murray’s segment was great – “you’re Bill Murray, Bill Murray!” – Also loved the segment with my fave, Tom Waits, and Iggy Pop!


Kate Hudson was so amazingly gorgeous and stylish in this film!

Jenn Mac

My 16 year old self would have been all over the checkerboard jeans paired with creepers. Viva le 80s!


I feel better knowing I’m not the only one who remembers this film! Fun post, Max.

Reuben Miller

What a great movie, although the biggest star in my opinion was left out – the genius Tom Waits.