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As part of my clean start resolution for 2013, I’m trying to stop buying pillows. Something about their (usually) lower price point and ability to add the perfect amount of color and pattern to a space makes them irresistible to me. These pillows from Little Attic in Brooklyn are new additions to my wishlist. Made by Monurai Syananondh, each one uses Hmong cotton fabric from northern Thailand. I love all the little patterns and stitches — they’re even cuter close-up. Monurai is selling several different styles (including bags), ranging from $40 to $50 each, at Little Attic’s Etsy shop right here. xo, grace


Wow, those pillows sure are cute! I’d love to get one, but at $40 – $50 each? Having been to Thailand, I know how cheap you can buy fabric over there, so that is quite a profit. And none of it is going to the ladies who wove it by hand. What a shame.

Robinsons Beds, Glasgow

But surely cushions add an instant refresh to your room without the expense of redcorating, you could say it’s cost cutting really!

(I can justify any purchase!)


I just purchased the one on the upper right and I love it. I understand that the fabric may be cheap to come by when in Asia, but running a business in Brooklyn can’t be cheap. There are so many costs to consider. Besides, the Hmong fabric is mounted on a linen base, and the pillow was sewn beautifully and looks professional. I feel like I got a lovely product for a fair price.

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There’s something about pillows that make any space instantly look homely and comfy. You can never have enough pillows! Great design on these. Tweeted and shared.