by Grace Bonney

Sometimes I’m able to see a product and calmly assess what I like about it and why it makes me happy. Other times I see something, lose all control and scream “LOOOK!” while I whip my laptop at Amy to make her check it out. These colorful Kisshions fell into the second category, and I’m staring at them now trying to find a way to justify getting these and embracing all their shiny, sparkly goodness. Designed by Room 39, these wool felt cushions have metallic leather piping* and come in a wide range of super colorful combos. I want to cover my entire office floor in rows of these cushions and then run and dive into all the color. Can you tell that it’s dark and gray here in Brooklyn? I’m in serious color deprivation. Click here to check out the cushions in more detail and order online ($96 each). xo, grace

*Stay tuned tomorrow for a huge roundup of my favorite products (and projects) that highlight piping and borders.

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