Jon Duenas Photography

by Grace Bonney

There are times when I think I’d love to dissolve into nature. Particularly relaxing beach days or the rare morning spent on a dock somewhere away from the city — those are the moments when I feel most at one with the natural world. When I saw these photographs by Jon Duenas, they reminded me of that feeling. The sense of peacefulness that comes from being out in the wilderness is so hard to re-create, but these photographs come pretty close. I can’t wait to get back outside when winter passes (although it’s been pretty warm here in New York lately), but until then, I’ll be keeping my eyes on these photos, living vicariously through their breeziness. xo, grace

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  • The first image shows foliage dispersing into the atmosphere, while in the following two photographs the woman’s form cages the landscape. I much prefer the dispersal, it is somehow far more relaxing – kind of a set it free moment. Which is odd for me to feel this way because my art revolves around linear raised lines creating images and surrounding the colour within. Maybe it is because I live in Campbell River, B.C., Canada right up at the 50th parellel and I am surrounded by nature every day – literally. My property backs up to the forest and the ocean is visually right there on my right as I drive into town.

  • Grace, I can’t thank you enough for the feature. I love the feeling that you get out the photos too. It’s exactly what I get out of them myself. Not just from looking at the end result, but in their creation too. These were all shot with film cameras, double exposed right then and there, not artificially put together in Photoshop. They are real representations of both the person I was with and the nature we were surrounded by in that very moment. The emotion you feel while looking at them are the same emotions I felt while creating them.

  • Jon, it is amazing you do these fabulous pics without photoshop which is right where my mind went. I hope you produce a lot so I can afford to buy them. :-D Really great art I want to own! Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

  • it is a fine tuning with human figure and nature…Recently I have gone thru such article in our photography mag. thnx for sharing.

  • love Jon’s work, alot of people discovering double exposure now that its featured on alot of dslr’s and phone apps. I love how serene they are.