Human/House/Harvey: Tweed

human house harvey, tweedI’ve always viewed tweed fabric as a bit too business-like for my tastes. I’d see suits and skirts made of the fabric and instantly think stuffy. But as I’ve matured and expanded my style, I find myself gravitating toward the tweed texture more. I am actually quite shocked at how much tweed I choose to surround myself with. Here are just a few more items I’d like to add to my growing collection for myself, my home and my pup, Mr. Harvey. — Stephanie

HUMAN — This bag is so reminiscent of the travel bag my grandmother would pack every time my grandparents came over for the weekend. I loved the look and texture of the bag and would like to have one of my own.

HOUSE — My father and I recently built a custom desk for my home office. (If you can’t find one you love, I recommend building your own!) So now the search is on for the perfect desk chair. I think this metal and tweed combo would look quite smart next to my desk’s dark stain.

HARVEY — This past summer, Mr. Harvey and I embarked on our first-ever joint road trip. I had never traveled with my dog before, so I was a little uncertain as to how it would all turn out. I wanted to bring some of Mr. Harvey’s belongings from home (e.g., his toys and bed) to make him more comfortable. But a few days into travel, I realized what a hassle dragging his large bed around had become. So I made a note to self: Next trip, find a travel bed. This one looks like it could be that combo of comfortable and portable (with a sleek design) that I am looking for.