Human/House/Harvey: Studs

Human House Harvey, studsAlways one to favor rugged over delicate, I’ve been known to own a studded design from time to time. There’s just something about a metal stud that attracts my eye and adds a quality detail to any piece. Yes, you can go overboard, but when done right, a stud can take a design from dull to unique in an instant. Here are some current favorites for myself, my home and my pup, Mr. Harvey. — Stephanie

HUMAN — I’m crazy for blazers. I’m crazy for studs. And when the two combine in this amazing black studded asymmetrical blazer, I go completely mad.

HOUSE — I recently noticed how bland many of the signature pieces in my house are — simple one-tone fabric-covered couches and chairs with no real mix of pattern or texture. This Lee Broom chair might be the subtle flair that I am looking for.

HARVEY — When I heard that Free People was selling pet products, I was on their site in an instant scouring the amazing designs. This studded leash popped out at me instantly!