Healthy New Year: Water Pitchers + Recipes

by Grace Bonney

As you’ll see later today, I’m not much for New Year’s resolutions. I love reading other people’s, but the idea of big promises doesn’t work quite as well for me. I tend to focus on small daily changes and testing out what sticks, usually related to healthy living. Some weeks are better than others, but my simplest goal is always to drink more water. A few years ago I discovered that the best way to trick myself into drinking more water was to flavor it with something subtle and delicious. I’ve tested just about every fruit and water combination there is, so I thought I’d share my favorite recipes here today, as well as some pretty pitchers (many with built-in flavor infusers) that might encourage you to drink more water (and skip the plastic bottles). I’m always hunting for cool new “spa water” recipes to try, so if you’ve got a favorite, please please share it with me in the comments below. My typical cucumber/mint and lemon/lime routine is getting a little tired. Here’s to a happy, healthy new year for all of us, and a few more glasses of water. xo, grace

Pitcher roundup above: 1. Muse Pitcher, $98 | 2. Iittala Pitcher, $65 | 3. Clay Pitcher, $39 | 4. Steel Pitcher, $30 | 5. Bobble Water Filter Jug, $34 | 6. Pill Carafe, $48 | 7. Hobnail Pitcher, $78 | 8. Gatsby Pitcher, $45 | 9. Lilac Pitcher, $89

My favorite easy-to-make water blends


Image above: 1. Ceramic Water Filter, $895 (a pricey but pretty water commitment) | 2. Ona Pitcher, $24.95 | 3. Striped Pitcher, $42| 4. Aalto Pitcher, $115 | 5. Rimini Pitcher, $72 | 6. Alpha Pitcher, $196 | 7. Glass Infuser Pitcher, $39 | 8. Fruit Infusion Jug, $25 | 9. Off Pitcher and Cup, $246 (custom made)

More pitchers after the jump . . .

Image above, left to right: Soda Lime Pitcher, $28 | Infuser Jug, $19.99 | Infuser Pitcher, $19.95 | Menu Water Jug, $49.99

Image above, left to right: Recycled Glass Pitcher, $27 | Kumquat Pitcher, $268 (splurge)

Image above, left to right: White Pitcher, $39 | Cafe Pitcher, $29

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  • I love all the pitchers (and the product description of #9 is a hoot)! You’ve inspired me to try something beyond adding a slice of lemon or lime to my water.

  • Although it is to cute 5. Bobble Water Filter Jug is so not functional :( . speaking from experience

  • As a lover of flavored water and a dentist I feel like it’s my duty to place a word of caution here. Sorry if this is a bummer! Some of the ingredients commonly used to flavor water (lemon, lime, pineapple) are quite acidic and can cause damage to the teeth if drank often. The acid can dissolve the superficial layer of the teeth and cause demineralization that can lead to stains and even cavities. After you eat or drink something acidic, it takes some time for your saliva to buffer that acid and protect your teeth. If you are constantly drinking lemon water, for example, your teeth never have a chance to recover and those unfortunate events can take place. It’s a good idea to drink those delicious waters when eating a meal – you will probably be eating something acidic or with sugar anyways! And drink regular water throughout the day. Gotta keep those pearly white teeth nice and healthy! =)

  • I do my best to drink watered down Lemon Rose sekanjebin when I’m being active. It’s a flavored simple syrup with vinegar to replace the electrolytes you lose when sweating. I’ve been told watermelon with a shot of balsamic vinegar and basil is the way to go if I don’t want the citrus, but no experience with it myself.

  • Thanks for featuring our Fruit Infused Water Maker. We’ve recently updated to include a Fruit Infuser attachment for easy infusions. Take a peek here http://bit.ly/QlJEza
    And we’re making a pitcher of strawberry & kiwi infused water as we type this comment… Thanks for the recipe recommendations. We can’t wait to try them!