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Entertaining: Movie Bingo Night

by Grace Bonney

Photography by Maxwell Tielman

One of my favorite moments from last summer was spending a laugh-filled evening at Portland’s Hollywood Theater. I was able to catch one of their last B Movie Bingo nights before heading back to Brooklyn and can’t remember the last time I had so much fun watching a cheesy movie. Being a first-class homebody, I’m always looking for ways to entertain that involve minimal work and maximum fun, so I decided to create my own spin on the Hollywood Theater’s event and throw a home Movie Bingo Night.

Using mainly goods we found around the office and our homes, Max, Amy and I put together a fun event that would be a cinch to re-create in any home living room. We made our own custom movie bingo cards and invitations (which you can download after the jump) as well as cozy branch votive holders and gathered a stack of warm blankets to watch a classic romantic comedy. In addition to our DIY ideas, we also got a delicious Cilantro Lime Popcorn recipe from Nitehawk, our favorite Brooklyn movie theater, to share. So pop in a movie and invite your friends over for a night they’re bound to enjoy. Bonus points if you decide to use the blank template and make your own bingo clues (just write down cliched moments from the overall genre and check them off as you see them in the film!). We had a blast coming up with romantic comedy cliches to fill our squares. Enjoy the show! xo, grace

Above image: Birch votive holders were made by cutting different lengths of birth branches and drilling a votive candle-sized hole into the top with a paddle drill bit. Some hot apple cider added a warm touch to our cozy movie night. Check out the hot cider recipe here!

More Movie Bingo Night after the jump . . .



Nitehawk Cinema’s Cilantro Lime Popcorn Recipe

  • 4 oz popped and seasoned popcorn
  • 1 oz finely grated cotija cheese
  • 1 T lime zest
  • splash of melted butter
  • whole cilantro leaves


Take the popped corn and all other ingredients and toss. Spread whole cilantro leaves over the top. Enjoy!

*To make the bags, we just stamped inexpensive paper lunch bags and folded them over at the top for individual serving sizes.

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  • This is such a great idea! I always want to through a party, but can never think of a good theme. This theme is perfect for everyone! You can customize the movies to fit your taste… It’s genius!! The invitations are adorable and great way to let the guest know what the party will be. I love how you used the tickets to make it feel like a real movie. The candles are really pretty. I can use them around my house, even when I don’t have a party! Thanks!

  • Um, this is genius and I want to do it immediately. The husband and I love having fun parties with a group of people over at our place! I love love love this new idea :)

  • What a great idea. I’m always looking for interesting girls-nite-out ideas and this one will be happening very soon. The bingo game is fantastic. Thanks for sharing!

  • This is a great way for my family to keep getting together and break up the dominoes nights we’ve been doing. The domino game can get a bit long in the tooth, and this sounds like a blast. xo

  • AMAZING IDEA! Maybe a girls night with the Sex in the City movie?! OR mean mean girls, or clueless…. the options are endless.

  • I’m thinking this would be a great idea for an awards show like the Golden Globes or Oscars!

  • DD read my mind. My BF and I do bingo cards for the Oscars and it always livens up the evening. I think I have more fun making the cards than I do watching the show!

  • Great idea but I don’t understand it. How does the bingo game work in regrds to the movie? I would love to tell my daughters about this. Thanks

  • My husband and his friends put on the Portland B-Movie bingo! i’m so happy you had a good time! Do you remember what movie they were showing?

    • Melissa

      No way! I love it! We saw a cheesy fighting movie last July, I can’t remember which one. Lots of sidways kicking (bingo!)

      Grace :)

    • ellen

      if you check out the bingo sheet we made (you can download it after the jump), we’ve written out cliched moments that happen in all romantic comedies. when you see one, you mark it off. the first person to get a full row up/down/across wins ;)


  • Great idea. We try to do a Dive-In Movie each summer around the pool, and this will make it even better.

  • These tickets look professional. Cool.

    Could also be used for a cinema party invitation too.

    Or I thought it could be a good idea for teenage/ young adult birthdays as an show on entry ticket if parents/ bouncers don’t know everyone. And can’t be easily photocopied.

    I like the bingo idea. Might use that as part of family games night. Along with the usual scrable or board game. I’ll be making a few of these on Friday night. Thanks :)