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DIY: Lavender Linen Spray

by Amy Azzarito

I’m not entirely sure why, but lately I’ve been having trouble getting to sleep. Studies have shown that the aroma of lavender can be instrumental in relaxation. Even the Romans had a thing for using lavender to scent clothing. (There’s a fascinating history of lavender here.) Fancy linen spray can be pricey, but if you’re looking for a way to fall asleep at night or just infuse your linen closet with a bit of spring, this super simple project is for you! — Amy Azzarito

See the directions for the spray after the jump . . .

Basically, linen spray is just about mixing witch hazel, lavender essential oil and water. And while I’ve recommended distilled water below, you’d be okay to use regular water. (The distilled water, theoretically, will keep your mixture from looking cloudy and keep the sprayer from getting clogged.)


  • 8–10 drops lavender essential oil
  • 2 tsp witch hazel
  • 1 cup distilled water (not pictured)
  • small spray bottle



Simply mix everything together. Pour into a small spray bottle. Spritz away!

Label Materials


To make labels that look like ours, simply cut a rectangle out of the contact paper and then cut the corners off. You can write the label in chalk, but we liked the look of the fine point gel pen.

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  • This is going to sound silly, but do you recommend a specific store to buy spray bottles from that won’t clog? Every one I buy to make things, it clogs within days, even using distilled water. (Even from The Container Store, which you’d think would have it down to a science.)

  • i picked up a bunch of dried lavender from provence last time i was in paris, so whenever i smell it i am reminded of my favorite city. i will most certainly be trying this so i can dream of paris!

  • This is so exciting! I love linen spray (though I do NOT love the price), and I never thought about making it myself. Can’t wait to try this DIY!

  • I love this! I had no idea it was so easy to make my own linen spray. I used to use the aerosol spray from big-name stores, but I’m sort of more natural minded now. This is perfect. Thanks.

  • Thank you, what a fabulous idea. I love lavender, I also think it would make a lovely present. Will definitely try this.

  • Yay! I have this bottle of incredible lavender essential oil that I purchased on a whim and never made anything with. Definitely better than Febreeze!

  • This is perfect! I just got some lavender essential oil and I wasn’t sure how to enjoy it (besides a little swipe across my pillow every night). This is wonderful! Thank you!

    @ Melissa.. I got my essential oil at a local natural products store. They sold small spray bottles right beside the oils (in blue glass, how pretty). I assume they’re for this kind of thing. (I’m going to go back and pick one up!) Maybe you have a similar store near you?

  • Hooray! The gift shop down the street charges $20 for this spray, I am so happy to see this post.

  • Look forward to trying this recipe, too! I love the room spray recipe posted some time ago – I’ve run out of bottles for all the new arrangements I want to try.

    I’m curious though – why witch hazel as opposed to vodka? Wouldn’t they yield the same result?

  • how do you make the water and the oil mix well? doesn’t that separate all the time? it’s a great idea, i’d love to try it!

  • @Melissa. I make a very similar spray (plus tea tree oil) that I use as a face toner and makeup brush cleaner. It’s really nice in the summer if you keep it refrigerated, too. Anyways, I bought my small glass bottle with sprayer from Mountain Rose Herbs. They have tons of bottles and little containers, plus lots of ingredients for DIY products. Highly recommend.

  • love this! i’ve been making my own ‘perfume’ similarly for some time, with rosewood instead of lavender.

  • Thank you Natalie and Alix!

    Alix – That’s perfect! I order oils and herbs from them all the time, yet I always forget they carry bottles as well. I will order a few with my next purchase. Thank you!

  • Ditto the question re: witch hazel. I have, to this point, always used vodka in my linen spray. Are there benefits to using witch hazel?

  • Hi guys – you can definitely use alcohol. The alcohol is used partially as a preservative and helps the oil disperse in the water. Witch hazel does have some alcohol in it – just not as much as vodka. It’s really just a preference. In this case, I happened to have witch hazel on hand and wanted to give it a go. Thanks! Amy

  • Thanks, this lavender DIY project looks so easy peasy! Last summer, I visited a lavender farm and since then I’ve been using lavender everywhere. I’m looking at making my own eye mask filled with lavender which really relaxes and helps me sleep.

  • This might be a stupid question, but could you use a different essential oil, such as rose etc etc? And I think someone mentioned making their own skin toner – does anyone know how to do that?

    • Hi Ally – You could definitely use a different essential oil, but lavender is the oil that promotes relaxations and sleep, which was why I picked it. You can use witch hazel as a skin toner or even apple cider vinegar. xo amy

  • I have used lavender essential oils for many things over the years. I had a Rainbo Vac., the one that used a water bowl instead of a bag. A few drops in there and the whole house smells good. You can make up a larger amt. and spray it on things you need to iron. Spray on curtains or draped, providing they are cotton or polyester, and your room will always smell fresh. I put a few drops of the oil into the laundrys final rinse, especially sheets. As you can tell, I’m addicted to lavender.

  • I use Vodka…because of the higher concentrate of alcohol it contains, it will kill more germs and bacteria, and it will last a lot longer than witch hazel. The distiller water will last longer also. I keep small spray bottles of the mixture in the fridge..to be used as a quick body spray mist when outside in the hot sun, doing yard work. It will cool you off quick, and it relaxes you!

  • There are a lot of things to do with witch hazel, I use it as for mosquito bites, then I have a bottle mixed 1/2 rose water and 1/2 whitch hazel as an astringent

  • Hi Gelica

    You can put your lavender flowers in small cotton sachets (small Liberty print remnants are brilliant for this) and place them in amongst your clothes and linens.

    When they need refreshing, a quick squirt with your DIY linen spray and they are back to work!

    I am going to try this,I am never without lavender essential oil .
    Thank you for this.

  • Fantastic I love sprays for relaxing I’m using ylang ylang as this also promotes sleep. Can’t wait to try this thank you so much.

  • You can find distilled water at any supermarket. It is sold with water bottles. Usually in gallon form. A couple drops of vanilla extract is also lovely to add to this as well… not too much though. It is very strong and sometimes brown. Don’t want to stain anything!

  • I make this as teacher gifts and I also include bath salts. Epsom salts from the dollar store with a few drops of essential oils, put it in a mason jar with fabric over the metal lid, cute label, and rise a little wooden spoon or scoop and it’s done! My girls can do most of this themselves and feel great giving their teachers something they actually for to help make. :)

  • (I have also made the linen spray in fun colorful bottles and added a tiny bit of ultea-fine glitter. Anytime my girls have a bad dream, I use the “good dream” spray and they go right back to bed without being scared the dream will come back! :)

  • This is perfect! I just got some lavender essential oil and I wasn’t sure how to enjoy it (besides a little swipe across my pillow every night). This is wonderful! Thank you!

  • What’s the benefit of using alcohol over witch hazel extract or vice versa? Is witch hazel extract cheaper than alcohol?

  • There are a lot of things to do with witch hazel, I use it as for mosquito bites, then I have a bottle mixed 1/2 rose water and 1/2 whitch hazel as an astringent