DIY Best of: Organization

We’re all about organization this month, so I combed through our DIY archives to find our best organization projects to keep you busy during these long, dark months. There are so many great ideas here that by February, you should be clutter-free! If you need even more ideas, check our DIY Best of: Organization projects from 2011. — Amy Azzarito

Image above: Keep all your writing implements in one place with this DIY Embellished Wood Pencil Block.

Image above: A beautiful way to organize your mail. From DIY Project: Mail Basket.

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Image above: When organizing, try to get as much off the ground as possible. The DIY Recycled Leather and Wood Shelf makes that easy.

Image above: It’s the perfect way to organize your thoughts! From DIY Project: Hanging Notepad

Image above: By making your own fabric box, you can customize the box to fit perfectly on your shelf. From Sewing 101: Fabric Boxes

Image above: Here at the Design*Sponge offices, we are up to our eyeballs in magazines. I love how beautiful this very functional object is — just leather and wood. From DIY Project: Sling Magazine Rack

Image above: There’s no need to invest in an expensive knife rack when you can make your own! From DIY Project: Reclaimed Knife Organizer

Image above: A simple rope catchall embellished with some neon cord. This would make a great vessel to store loose change. From DIY Project: Color-Block Coiled Rope Project

Image above: A simple way to upcycle packing material for a light storage container — perfect for a yarn collection. From Sewing 101: Recycled Paper Basket

Image above: If you’ve given up on finding the perfect vintage crate to hold your records, here’s a way to DIY your own record storage. From DIY Project: Record Crates

Image above: A sneaky way to hide valuables. From DIY Project: Artwork & Secret Storage Box

Image above: A cute way to use your vintage finds and get a bit more storage. From DIY Project: Suitcase Vanity and Towel Holder

Image above: Modeled on the Uten.silo, a DIY Recycled Cardboard Organizer.

Image above: A simple greeting card organizer will keep you from hunting through boxes trying to match cards to events. From DIY Project: Greeting Card Organizer

Natik Painting

Great post! I love all the ideas here, especially the coiled rope container! Easy DIY that looks good and uses things I already have lying around = match made in heaven.


I am organisation mad and this is such a lovely post. So many great ways to stay organised xxx


I look at these and see how many would working for storing yarn…especially those darling fabric boxes with neon pink information tag frames. While canvas works well for fabric boxes, you could go a step further with oil cloth to do the same….those would be easy to keep clean too.


Thank you Thank you Thank you for the organization articles! Especially appreciated are the tips on recycled and repurposed materials.


I love this ideas!
But I definitely need to organize my cable chaos – no idea how to handle that.
Maybe that could be another idea of an organizing article… ;)


the greeting card organizer says “symathy.” whoops! :) great post!

Tatty Lace

Great post!! Love the luggage storage idea, and the frame/secret drawer on a book shelf is a cracking idea!! Lots of new DIY projects on the horizon for 2013, I think i’ll start with these!

Thanks! TL x


does anybody know where i can get that copper watering can on the DIY Recycled Leather and Wood Shelf?


Pretty amazing ideas! Why buy things when we could rather do them ourselves right?