Current Obsessions: Cozy Blankets + Throws

by Grace Bonney

Last weekend I found myself pulling a second throw on top of my sweatshirt and blanket on the couch. My landlord insists the heat is working fine, but I’m pretty sure my apartment building is heating-challenged. Thankfully, my cat doubles as a pretty efficient lap and foot heater, but I think I’m going to need an extra blanket or two to get through winter without wearing one of these 24/7. So this weekend I did some serious internet window-shopping and rounded up over 100 of my favorite blanket and throw options. From patterned and colorful designs to classic stripes and neutrals, there’s something in this group that’s bound to work for you. I wanted to get a wide range of materials, from wool and cashmere to basic fleece, so don’t worry if some of the prices are a little high; there are plenty that fall in affordable ranges, including a bright $4 blanket from Ikea. I narrowed this list down to my top 60, but you can view 50 more that didn’t make the final cut on my Pinterest board right here. Stay warm! xo, grace

Image above: 1. Hofdi Blanket, $98 | 2. Zig Zag Throw, $295 | 3. Cashmere Tie Dye Throws, $495 | 4. Remix Blanket, $150 | 5. Marimekko Blanket, $259| 6. Plus 9 Throw, $350 | 7. Chevron Eco Throw, $165

Image above: 1. Landscape Throw, $168| 2. Ikat Throw, $150| 3. Pendleton Blanket, $228 | 4. Twist A Twill Throw, $132 | 5. Cross Throw, $595 | 6. Herringbone Throw, $239 | 7. Woww Throw, $425 | 8. Colour Throw, $595

Image above: 1. Fireside Throw, $99 | 2. Twill Throw, $139 | 3. Hudson’s Bay Blanket, $379 | 4. Hamptons Day Blanket, $225 | 5. Linen Day Blankets, $225 | 6. Coyuchi Striped Blankets, $180 each | 7. Camp Blanket, $88–$124

40 more blanket options continue after the jump . . .

Image above: 1. Favorite Throw, $29 | 2. Pronto Ricamo Throw, $980 | 3. Humbert Throw, $495| 4. Striped Linen Blanket, $495| 5. Nos Da Throw, $315 | 6. Crazy Horse Throw, $125 | 7. Pez Blanket, $150 | 8. Pom Pom Throw, $101

Image above: 1. Triangle Eco Throw, $150| 2. Squares Blanket, $150| 3. Nixon Throw, $295 | 4. Peter Throw, $595 | 5. Dwell for Pendleton (gray), $175 | 6. Kehra Throw, $101 | 7. Dwell for Pendleton (Squares), $175

Image above: 1. Striped Fleece Throw, $25 | 2. Navy Wool Blanket, $245 | 3. Snowfall Throw, $86 (limited quantities) | 4. Seablanket, $440

Image above: 1. Eivor Blanket, $19.99 | 2. Cross Blanket, $245 | 3. Dog Park Throw, $101 | 4. Vilmie Rund, $15 | 5. Birdseye Blanket, $175| 6. Los Ojos Blanket, $228

Image above: 1. Chunky Tassel Throw, $79 | 2. Tumbes Throw, $460 | 3. Polarvide, $4 | 4. Vice Verse Throw, $350 | 5. Alasan Cashmere Throw, $895 | 6. Wool Throws, $365 | 7. Kantha Quilt, $279 | 8. Cello Throw, $75 | 9. Wool Throw, $150

Image above: 1. Merino Throw, $118 | 2. Vintage Plaid Throws, $150 each | 3. Lambswool Throw, $150

Image above: Navy and Wool Tourne Blanket, $245

Image above: Swiss Amy Blankets, $72

Image above, clockwise from top left: Navy Throws, $175+ each | US Navy Blanket, $184 | Faux Sheepskin Throw, $99 | Luxe Wooly Throw, $798

Image above, left to right: Fuchsia Wool Blanket, $600 | Wool & Cashmere Throws, $128 each

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  • Gosh, those Swiss Army blankets really caught my eye. Those have got to be super durable in addition to being warm. Great for strapping over delicate furniture pieces in a move too. Anyhow, I was also thinking about blankets this weekend, but more along the lines of what I could easily coverstitch on my serger in an evening. And what I could give as gifts to friends – a New Year’s resolution, I think, an easy one for me, the craftster. I may have to head to the fabric shop this afternoon for ideas.

    • Flo

      Yes, sometimes really nice materials are expensive. Wool, linen and cashmere are going to be that much based on the cost of the raw material in that size. But if you don’t want to spend that, there are options here for styles under $100.


  • Just got the Pendleton camp blanket, and it’s pretty awesome. Will definitely last forever & just get better with age!

  • Happy to say I have the B/W Chevron throw from NuBe Green and LOVE it. It’s made from recycled t-shirts and is soft and thick. Also easy to wash (as my cat loves it too!)

  • Wow! This is quite an assortment. I seriously feel like this is the coldest winter California has seen. I have been frozen. Wish I had in budget for an ultra luxurious throw. I love the cashmere tie dye!

  • Of course this round-up comes a day after I bought throw blankets! Ah well, it’s still nice to stare at the pretties. Someday, my house will have way too many throw blankets.

  • We inherited one of the Hudson Bay blankets when my parents died. It is more like a member of the family than a blanket .

    Sierra Trading Post usually has Elgin blankets that originally go for $175 for as little as $35. You need to access the site via the sale newsletter and be very cagey about which sale you choose as the prices can vary greatly.

  • Exactly what I was looking for, for Christmas over here in the UK – the only stipulations being that it must be 100% wool and beautifully designed, of course! I had my eye on the wonderful Wilson Indigo from Designers Guild amongst others – which my wee brother gave me and which hasn’t left the top of my bed since.

    I love Donna Wilson’s other fabulously fun & quirky ones, too!

  • Holy moly some of these are fabulous!!! Can’t really pick out a favourite here, but some of the bold patterns are really catching my eye…

  • I really recommend a 4 point HBC blanket. Ours is much loved and just got me through a particularly bad bout of pneumonia. We have the green and black striped version in a queen size and I bought it at a garage sale for 5 dollars. After having it dry cleaned it was the deal of a lifetime!

  • Why I love so many of these blankets, how many readers have $200 to 500 (or more) to spend on a throw?! It is nice to dream, but this is one of the most extravagant posts I’ve seen on Design Sponge. Only 12 throws are under $100 and only 5 are under $50. I would really love to see more reasonably priced items in posts!

    • Betsy

      Our readership is pretty much split straight down the middle with people making $50-60k and under a year and people making over $100k. So I try to cater to both ends of the audience (and in between) as much as possible. Winter throws are often made of pricier materials like wool and cashmere, so it was difficult to find high quality, style-conscious designs. Believe me, I tried. Typically my seasonal product roundups are less than 15 products, so those 12 pieces under $100 were the affordable end of the scale. There are 12 or so that scale as “splurge” to me, and the rest I feel fall in between.


  • Thank you, Grace. I do love so many of the throws you chose. And, as always, many can be great inspiration for crafters and artists of different types. I suppose throws just don’t seem to be something I would personally splurge on, so the price tags took me by surprise! Best!

    • Betsy

      No worries- we all have different budgets and comfort levels with home goods. I personally never understand spending so much on tableware and glassware, but have friends that spend tons of really great cut glass pieces. But when it comes to textiles, that’s what I throw down for ;)

      I try live my life with the whole “less is more” idea in place (despite loving to window shop obsessively) so I try to invest in fewer (but nicer) pieces. That said, I promise I’ll do my best to keep as many affordable options in the mix as possible.


  • Thanks for this. I have a thing for good quality blankets and will add to my miniscule collection (2) as I can afford a splurge here and there.

  • I’ve been looking for a new throw blanket too. The trick is I invested in a wool turkish rug that is quite busy. I was looking at wool blankets today at an antique mall – I was surprised how many they had and for good prices – starting at $18! Thanks for sharing such a wide variety of inspiring throws!

  • I loved this post Grace. I appreciate people being honest, but feel that some are getting very defensive about their throws. As with anything, if you are looking for quality pieces that have a unique design, it is usually quite an investment. This is something that sits out on your couch, comfy chair or bed for all the world to see, and more importantly for you to cuddle up under… So it’s worth saving up for if necessary.

  • Blankets are like shoes to me. I have a serious fetish. I own that ferm living blue triangles one. My big birthday gift this year was a Pendleton blanket. LOVE this round-up!

  • Thanks for including Happy Habitat Eco Throws! Being on Design Sponge is so fantastic! My blankets are in some seriously good company here, lots of beautiful finds here.

  • those ‘swiss army blankets’ are actually made in India, they are copies and I find them very funny because they are so bad!
    the real ones are getting very hard to find and very very expensive

  • Funny thing about price. For those of us not living in the US, these are not so crazy in terms of prices. I am with Grace on tableware vs textiles so I guess I would splurge here, but most of these seem like middle range prices when compared with what is available elsewhere, especially when made of natural fibres.

  • Absolutely love every single one. Great post! Bookmarking this so I can look back and spoil myself in the future :)

  • @MB and PEn- You can actually buy those swiss army blankets for MUCH cheaper at your local army/navy surplus store. I bought one a couple years ago to use as a beach blanket and then I bought another a couple months ago to cover a chair in my house- so they shouldn’t be in short supply if they’ve continued to carry them for at least 2 years (in Seattle at least). They go for $25-35.

  • The zig zag throws reminds me of the ones my parents used to buy in southwest US (new mexico/Arizona) when i was a kid…but i dont think they paid that much! Thanks for the memory haha! :)

  • Hi!

    Great assortment of throws! I really love number 5 under black and white – Do you have the link and price for that one? I didn’t see it listed.

    Thank you!