Current Obsession: Citrus-Themed Products

I decided to make the most of winter citrus season yesterday and worked on a DIY wreath that’s coming up next! But first, I wanted to share the pieces that inspired my fruit-filled door decoration. Lemons, limes, oranges and all other types of citrus make me feel instantly energized and remind me that there are warmer days ahead. So today I rounded up my favorite citrus-themed products, from cups and towels to earrings and aprons. Hopefully, there will be something here to keep you upbeat through the winter season. If you’re looking for something less product-y and more drink-y, here’s a roundup of delicious citrus recipes, too. xo, grace

*P.S.: There are 35 more citrus designs here from my research Pinterest board if you need more ideas…

Image above: 1. Vintage Citrus Pitcher, $19.99 | 2. Rifle Paper Co. Citrus Print, $24 | 3. Orange iPhone Case, $35 | 4. Citrus Earrings, $24 | 5. Lemon Soap, $25 | 6. Lemon Dishtowel, $6 | 7. Citrus Candle, $20 | 8. Orange Glass, $2.95 | 9. Lemon Slice Apron, $15

Image above: 1. DIY Citrus Coasters by Purl Bee | 2. Orange Tea Towel, $12 | 3. Lemon Cards, $6

More citrus after the jump . . .

Image above: Un Citron Print, $35

Image above, clockwise from top left: Orange Linocut, $20 | Vintage Orange Print, $10 | Citrus Card, $4

Image above: Lemon Print, $19

Star White

LOVE this theme! Citrus makes me feel so happy and ready to tackle the day! I thrifted the most amazing vintage citrus pitcher the other day and have it as a part of my centerpiece to cheer me up!


Alex Morris

Wow, I adore the little coasters! They remind me of The Stone Roses – they use lemons all the time in their imagery. Students during the Paris student riots of 1968 sucked on lemons so their eyes wouldn’t water from the CS gas the police were throwing about. Their debut album was based around this concept.