Cross-Stitch iPhone Cases

It’s not quite DIY day yet, but I couldn’t resist sharing these cases this morning. Mainly because on dreary days, I love little projects like this — something you can easily do while tucked under a blanket and watching a movie. These cases from Leese Design at Purl Soho let you cross-stitch your own design onto your iPhone case. Each kit comes with a gridded cross-stitch case, three colors of thread and a booklet of designs. If you need any ideas, Purl Soho did a post on the designs they came up with using the kit, but this seems perfect for thinking outside the box and coming up with your own idea. Click here for the iPhone 4/4S and here for the iPhone 5 ($24–$27 each). xo, grace

Paper Friday

Wow! These are so fun, what a brilliant idea! I too love to snuggle up on cold days with a small and easily achievable project… I wish they did ones to fit cr*p phones too :)

Nomadic D.

These are maybe the coolest iphone cases I’ve seen! Makes me want to run out and get myself an iphone… hahaha

Jordan Kay

What a cool idea! Right now I just have a piece of leather adhered to my phone… for winter warmth;) But for spring I could spruce it up with this!


I’ve admired these before, but have wondered if they get grubby? Would there be any way to clean the embroidery?


I found a lot of this kind of iPhone cases on Etsy and some of them are so cute! Hi, @RBJANEITE, it think it will be difficult to clean the embroidery. I will buy a new one if the old one is not expensive.

Nancy Nell

I love this! A really great idea! I am currently working on a project that is beaded-cross stitched ( what another great way to decorate these cases). To me, that would be easier to keep clean without worry. Sparkly or whatever. And, the beads won’t fall off like the glued ones. Fun Stuff!!


does anyone know where to find more of the thread that comes in these kits from Purl Soho?