Cross-Stitch Installation at Patria Restaurant

As a confessed textile nut, it makes me weak in the knees to think about covering an entire wall with 17,000 stitches. This incredible installation at Patria Restaurant (which was designed by Commute Home, a Toronto firm) is actually a screen, created by Laura Carwardine, which was laid over a two-story feature wall designed by Marlo Onilla of Biography Design. The full process took over two months to complete, and Henry Salonen created an awesome time-lapse video of the project so you can see the hard work that went into it. I love the idea of laying screens over a wall like this; it would allow you to take the piece with you if you ever left, and it would allow any artwork or paint beneath it to be cleaned or repaired if needed. The pictures really say more than I can, so I’ll let them do the talking. I’ll just take a moment to give Laura, Marlo and everyone at Commute a big digital slow clap for this amazing project. Visual inspiration like this is my favorite way to start a morning. xo, grace

Photos by Henry Salonen

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Nicole Leone

Wow, just wow! As an interior designer and handmade artist, I love when these worlds collide!

*slow clap and standing ovation at my desk*


Amazing! So glad I live in Toronto and I can go see this for myself! Thanks for sharing!

fran pelzman liscio

When I think about art that can change people’s lives, things like this might come to mind. It’s not only beautiful, it’s warm, and forgiving, and … friendly. Just seeing this inspires me to think about projects I’m working on in that light. I’m so glad you found this and posted about it.


I have did some large cross stitchings but this is that largest I have ever saw. WOW great job.


Breathtaking! What a beautiful installation! I hope more public spaces use textiles in imaginative ways


As an avid embroiderer myself, seeing an installation like this makes me swoon… And wondering if I could pull off something similar in my house, until I remember all of my unfinished projects… Lol


My friend Laura made this. She is awesome. She makes beautiful cards and furniture, too. Look her up!


This is lovely! The modern feel of the metal screen and the handcrafted look of the stitching create an interesting contrast that is reflected in the rest of the space. Also, like you, I enjoy the idea of being able to take an installation like this with you if you ever move.

Brittany Kay

This is an unbelievable amount of work. I am so impressed! I second Nicole’s *slow clap and standing ovation at my desk*


Unique, inspirational, gorgeous! This art and the team that designed it should win an award! It is absolutely wonderful!

Loretta @ Stitching the Night Away

This is amazing and so cool to look at. I love it <3
I'm sure there was a ton of work put into it and I'm sure it requires a lot of dusting and maintenance, but I imagine it's so worth the effort to have such a fun focal piece in the restaurant. Beautiful creativity!

Nikki @ Tikkido

Just gorgeous! I love the layers of visual interest. I was so focused on the stitching at first, that I didn’t even notice the shadowy form behind. Rich, textured, and absolutely stunning.


Oh my! What a task to take on, and they totally ROCKED IT!!!! I watched the video twice and I am so impressed! Just very cool.

Jana C

Oh my goodness! I love to cross stitch, but I think that would make me batty! That was awesome to watch!


This is simply fantabulous! I loved the bold use of color for such a masterpiece. Every stitch speaks for itself. Hats off to everyone at Commute Home

Mary Ann Mayhew

Simply STUNNING!!!! Great creative work–who would thunk it?

Iryna Wilson

I am absolutely speechless. Hope to check this out if I am lucky enough to get to Toronto again! Amazing, kudos to all involved!