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Chi Chi Sydney

by Grace Bonney

It’s blustery and gray in Brooklyn today, so I’m trying to take a little mental vacation somewhere warm and colorful. In my online search for something visually uplifting, I came across this fantastic new restaurant that totally fits the bill. Chi Chi is an Asian bar and restaurant in the southwestern suburbs of Sydney, Australia, designed by Matt Woods. Matt has designed a number of Technicolor restaurants in Australia, but this one has to be my favorite — mainly because it employs a line from one of my favorite internet memes ever (Double Rainbow).

Matt decided to focus on retaining (and working with) as much of the existing interior architecture in the space that he could. Highlighting its industrial bones, Matt used steel, concrete, copper, brass, marble and reclaimed wood sparingly to give the restaurant warmth and add a more modern feel. But the restaurant gets its main design statements from a room-length Manga-style graphic (created by the design team at SPECIAL) and the bright (and hilarious) neon double rainbow sign. I have a long list of places to visit when I make it to Sydney one day, and this is definitely going on my list. Double rainbow and dumplings? Not a bad way to start the day. Click here for more pictures of the space on Facebook. xo, grace

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  • Wow! This place is the bomb! I know for sure if I’m ever in Australia I will be checking his restaurants out! His design is probably the greatest restaurant concept I’ve seen!

  • i live in Sydney and have never heard of this wonderment! Thanks for the tip. P.S it is so stinking hot here if i could send you some of this warmth i would gladly send it away!

  • I live in the south western suburbs and ive been to this place, it is absolutely wonderful, you must also check out their unique cocktails! Absolutely AWESOME! :)

  • I’m planning a weekend in Sydney early March, to catch up with friends and eat at some of the best of their restaurants and I’ve just added this one to the list!