Boudoir by Lisa Bengtsson

After a few weeks of miserable cold, Brooklyn seems to have taken a turn for the warmer this week! The spring-like weather is totally out of place right now, but I’m going to enjoy it while I can. It’s always nice to skip that second pair of socks. In honor of those springy temperatures, I wanted to share a peek at these beautiful new spring/summer designs from Lisa Bengtsson’s Boudoir series. I love all the pale pink and peach; they were inspired by a Parisian spring, and if I can’t get myself there, this pattern will have to do for now. Lisa’s collection isn’t online yet, but if you like these patterns, you can check out the original Boudoir collection in its blue/red/green colorway right here. xo, grace


Love, love the oblong pillow in the pink pattern! Any idea where to get it?

Jordan Kay

This completely reminds me of Yellow Submarine in the weirdest way. But more glamorous definitely. So charming & lovely.