Animal Love: Raccoon

Is there anything cuter than a raccoon, with those little dexterous paws and that bandit face mask? I suppose if those dexterous paws were getting into your garbage at night, they might not seem quite so cute. But since raccoons have yet to conquer my Brooklyn garbage, I’m an admirer. — Amy Azzarito

Image above: 1. Camp Raccoon Throw Pillow, $29 | 2. Raccoon Talking Alarm Clock, $18.99 | 3. First and Forest Shaker Set, $11.99 | 4. Raccoon Tote Bag, $19.99 | 5. Rudie Raccoon, $81 | 6. Raccoon Mittens, $9.99 (on sale!) | 7. Raccoon Ring, $17.90 | 8. Mr Raccoon Loves a Macaroon, $37.50

Image above: 1. Ivory Raccoon Print Tee, $17 (on sale!) | 2. Raccoon and Ermine Pillow, $74 | 3. Chester the Raccoon, $98 | 4. Raccoon Has Mittens Stationery, $24 | 5. Artist Collective Color Blocks, $24.95 | 6. Woodland Stuffed Raccoon (comes with a fox), $45 | 7. Raccoon Mask, $14

Image above: Party Animal Wallpaper, $398


My 3-month-old son has several adorable outfits featuring raccoon prints. The raccoon seems to be, along with the fox, the new owl.


I’m in love with that raccoon tee! Shame it sold out in all sizes but 2. :(


I love that raccoon tee! Shame it sold out in all sizes but one. :(


#8 would be so clever if only it depicted the correct pastry! The illustrations on the plate are French Macarons, whereas Macaroons are flaky cake-like drops of shaved coconut or some kind of nut.


soo soo adorable! Love your style! Have a look at my blog when you get a chance!


I have a photograph from the Bronx zoo of the first raccoon born there. It
‘s a little damaged being from the 40’s but the photo has a place on my living room wall.
The baby raccoon looks remarkably similar to the one on the pillow in your blog.


In Germany raccoons are called “wash bears” (Waschbaeren) because they wash their paws and douse their food in water. So now at our house we refer to the little visiting family that comes regularly as Mama Wash Bear and the baby wash bears.