Animal Love: Penguin

The penguin has to be the most uplifting winter animal. All dressed up in that cute winter tux and ready for comedy (just not with Jim Carrey, please!), I’ve had a soft spot for penguins since I read Mr. Popper’s Penguins as a child, and the 2005 film March of the Penguins just fueled my penguin love fire. These days, when darkness comes as early as 4:45 pm, I could use a little comic relief. — Amy Azzarito

Image above: 1. Flensted Mobiles Penguin Talk Mobile, $42 | 2. Penguin Pillow Cover, $19.99 | 3. Coffee Stencil — Penguin Adventures, $18 | 4. Penguin Kitchen Timer, $8 | 5. Brat & Suzie Penguin Short-sleeved Sweat Top, $51.01 | 6. Fauna Penguin Pillow, $40 | 7. Silver Penguin Wedding Cake Topper, $39 | 8. Peng-when You Wake up Mug, $18.99

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Image above: 1. Mr. Popper’s Penguins, $6.99 | 2. K Studio Galapagos Penguin Pillow, $152 | 3. Penguin on Top Hat, $78 | 4. Winter Solstice Animal Dessert Plates, $5.99 | 5. Penguin Love, $25 | 6. Polar Opposites Attract Tee, $29.99

Image above: Flocked Penguin Cardigan, $89.95

Image above: Penguins in the Snow Dinnerware — Cup and Plate Set, $45


I LOVE penguins! Little penguin themed accessories made great gifts this past Christmas!


Ahh these are all so cute!! I especially love the cup & plate. I already bought some penguin wrapping paper for the next holiday season.



I love penguins, but so much of the penguin things I find are really kitschy. These are elegant, or fun, or whimsical–but not kitschy. Thanks!

Robinsons Beds, Glasgow

I don’t know what it is about them but I love penguins! Pinning this page for future reference though whether I’m likely to need an $18 penguin coffee topper is debatable. No, I DO need it.