75 Great Bathroom Organization Solutions

My bathroom is big enough for all the necessary components but leaves little to no room for extra storage or decorations. In some ways that’s good (I like to keep things minimal these days), but it also drives me crazy because I’d love room for a laundry hamper. But when most of your bathroom wall is covered in pink tiles sealed with gold glitter grout, it’s probably best to pare down on bathroom accessories. That said, I love looking for bathroom storage options. Tiny countertop accessories make me happy, especially when they come in good colors. So today I decided to round up great bathroom storage solutions for the counter, floor, wall and laundry, as well as all sorts of small organization containers. I got a little crazy and only “narrowed” this list to my top 75 pieces, but you can view the full research roundup of 193 options on Pinterest right here. Happy organizing! xo, grace

Image above: 1. Mountain Peaks Bath Basket, $88 | 2. Pink Grid Tote, $10 | 3. Ljusnan Baskets (set of 3), $5.95 | 4. Iittala Mini Wide Glass Jar (clear and blue), $23 | 5. Turquoise Wire Caddy, $10 | 6. Glass Canisters, 3 for $59.85 | 7. Mountain Peaks Bath Basket, $48–$88 | 8. Marimekko Basket, $21 | 9. Gym Basket, $35 | 10. Flexible Totes, $3.99+ each | 11. Timaru Baskets, 3 for $38 | 12. Striped Bin, $10 | 13. Overtank Magazine Holder, $14.99 | 14. Iittala Vitriini Storage Boxes, $45 each

Image above: 1. Washing Machine Hamper, $30 | 2. Neon Hamper, $15 each | 3. Mesh Hamper, $49 | 4. Woven Rattan Hamper, $99 | 5. Storage Stool, $30 | 6. Gingham Hamper, $20 | 7. Crunch Can, $20 | 8. Three Section Hamper, $70 | 9. Typha Hamper, $60 | 10. Wire Hamper, $40

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Image above: 1. Prescription Security Cabinet, $20 | 2. Style Station Organizer, $20 | 3. Bird House Bath Tissue Holder, $12.99 | 4. NORRÖRA Set, $5.99 | 5. Tubo Countertop Organizer, $12.99 | 6. Priman, $5 | 7. Tree Toothbrush Holder, $9 | 8. Crushed Crinkle Cups and Glasses, $22+ per pair | 9. Soap Dish, $8 | 10. Mason Jar Soap Dispenser, $24 | 11. Cammeo Porcelain Storage Containers, $50+ | 12. Lotion Saver Bottle Couplers, $2.99 | 13. Three-Section Felt Accessory Tray, $10 | 14. Yngaren Bowl, $7

Image above: 1. White Metal Towel Rack, $80 | 2. Shelving Unit, $40 | 3. Step Stool, $8 | 4. Woodrow Wastebasket, $20 each | 5. Qube 2-Section White Storage Unit, $53 | 6. Toilet Brush, $7 | 7. Eco Cocoon Trash Cans, $10 | 8. Green Trash Can, $16 | 9. Step Stool, $30

Image above: 1. Arrow Swivel Hook, $17 | 2. Door Hanger, $7 | 3. Button Hooks, set of 2 for $7 | 4. Door-mounted Storage, $20 | 5. Kali Bathroom Cabinet, $580 | 6. Single & Double Acrylic Shelves, $12.99 + | 7. Mirror Cabinet, $80 | 8. Steel Cube $67 | 9. Hangers, $96

Image above, clockwise from top left: Pharmacy Accessories, $25+ | Hamam Table, $350 | Amber Glass Pharmacy Accessories, $12+ | Bamboo Laundry Hamper, $120

Image above, clockwise from top left: Stacked Apothecary Jars, 3 for $30 | Stoneware Accessories, $8+ | Stripe Tumbler, $8 | Frosted Accessories, $10+

Image above, clockwise from top left: Clover Bath Accessories, $4+ | Teakwood Jar, $28 | Copper Top Dispensers, $23 | Dotted Bath Accessories, $4+

Image above, clockwise from top left: Four-Bin Wire Hanging Shelf, $129 | Teak Ladder with Shelf, $119 | StickOnPods, $9.99 | Baker’s Jar, $24

Image above, clockwise from top left: Bird Bath Shower Caddy, $35 | Bask Shower Caddy, $20 | Large Acrylic Makeup Organizer, $35 | Squeeze Ease Tube Squeezers, $3


I put a small, decorative shelf in my bathroom which has saved a bunch of space while also bringing the room together nicely. I love the wall hanging storage idea as well!


I use the overtank magazine holder (#13) to hold my hairdryer in my tiny bathroom. Works out well because the only outlet is not too far from the toilet.


grace! you read my mind. i was in serious need of great bathroom storage solutions (and these may extend beyond the bathroom). thanks!


These are AWESOME! We have an uber-tiny bathroom and still aren’t quite content with how it’s organized…these suggestions will definitely used! Thank you!


You always give us soooo many great options! And um…. pink tiles and glitter grout? I need to see this!

Cottage Katie

I am so into the wire baskets, but you have to be aware of what you put in them, and use them for only pretty items!! That is why I like to use them sparingly, in places like the bathroom, and mix them in with closed storage. It creates clusters of storage in a variety of styles, and I can display in the wire ones, and hide in the closed ones!


Grace, for a person who has admitted several times that product roundups are not the most rewarding part of your work, you are amazingly thorough about them, and I for one really appreciate the roundups you’ve had lately. I just moved into my first apartment and have been turning to your product roundups as a helpful resource for cutting through all the STUFF that’s out there. This one, your recent teapots roundup and your daily planners one have been super awesome, so thank you!


Do you recall the source of the gingham laundry basket? The link goes to the Typha laundry basket #9 in the same series of photos. Thanks!


The gingham hamper link leads me to the wicker hamper? Love this post though, very cute.


This was perfect timing for me as well!! Definitely need a new hamper and a more organizes bathroom! And I know someone who would looove the button hooks – but the link is broken!


I REALLY want to see pink tiles with gold glitter grout…please?
Under a claw foot tub is a good place for a rubber duck collection to live.


cute roundup! the fabric laundry hampers, striped toothbrush cups and wire towel rack are begging for a DIY post…


Great post :) the link for the button hooks seems to be broken though – any chance of a new link so I can find them? Thanks

Eileen 2

I would hang that Clover tray on the wall, actually. Lovely and modernish. Also, what Julianne said — ditto. Grace is good at these things.


weird..this is the second “bathroom organizer” post i seen today! haha
Anyways, another one that I saw that was clever, was to take those old cd towers we had in the 90’s and mount it sideways to the wall, so it’s basically little bins on the wall. But I like the little step stool you have…and it’s cheap! gonna put that one on my list!


You know, it’s remarkable how affordable half these awesome options are, and we don’t even have to settle for something that doesn’t fit our bathroom decor! I like this, you’ve done a great favor Grace. You showed organizing doesn’t need to be dull and boring.


What a bright and lively set of bathroom storage solutions. It’s great to see a retailer that has came up with functional products without sacrificing the style factor. We as users, do not only look out for the functionality of a product, but we wish to actually use something that is attractive and pleasant-looking too. Therefore, to see such beautiful and useful products at the same time, is simply amazing.


Love some of these!
I’m on a mission to find an attractive/affordable storage solution for my teeny tiny rental bathroom… we only have room for an over-the-toilet shelf (sometimes known as an etagere?). Any advice/past articles on places to shop or how to DIY? I’ve been coming up short in lots of internet hunts… Thanks!