40 Great Teacups & Teapots

We really lucked out when we discovered that Bellocq Tea was at the end of our block here in Greenpoint. We’ve been over before to chat, check out their space and drink delicious teas, and later today we’re sharing a great cold-weather tea recipe from their team. So to get us started on the tea theme, I’ve rounded up my favorite teacups and teapots. This was supposed to be a small roundup, but I got totally immersed in my research and ended up with over 100 options to choose from. I narrowed it down for this post (a bit), but you can check out the full selections right here (teapots) and here (teacups) on Pinterest. And, last but not least, one little teapot got lost on its way to my collage folder, so I wanted to add this little guy from A+R. So cute and modern. Here’s to warm hands and tea to keep us going through the winter. xo, grace

Image above: 1. Utopia Teapot, $95 | 2. Soleil Whistling Teakettle, $80 | 3. Picquotware Tea Kettle, $275 | 4. Copper Tea Kettle, $150 | 5. Blackline Teapot, $58 | 6. Fornasetti Teapot, $477 (dream splurge) | 7. Paul Smith Teapot, $499 | 8. Enamel Teapot, $88 | 9. Relief Teapot, $95 | 10. Alice’s Teapot, $780 (beyond splurge, but so pretty) | 11. Yellena James Teapot for Crate & Barrel, $200

Image above: 1. Larabee Cup, $38 | 2. Floral Teacup & Saucer, $38 | 3. Green Teacup, $5.95 | 4. Urban Nature Teacup, $22 | 5. Kittachi Teacup, $6.50 | 6. Salon Wall Cup, $55 | 7. Green Hobnail Teacup, $8.95 | 8. Owl Cup, $47.50 (part of a set) | 9. Tassel Glass, $26 | 10. Matte Porcelain Cup, $25 | 11. Boulder Teacup Set, $32.50

Image above: 1. Retro Teapot, $42 | 2. Teapot with Infuser, $60 | 3. Bee House Teapot, $26 | 4. Cast Iron Teapot, $50 | 5. Owl Teapot, $47.50 (part of a set) | 6. Glass Teapot, $18 | 7. Le Creuset Teakettle, $45 | 8. Fruit Basket Teapot, $250 | 9. Nomoco Teapot for Crate & Barrel, $200 (available in April) | 10. Donna Karan Teapot, $80

Image above: 1. Octagonal Teapot, $210 | 2. Intaglio Teapot, $200 | 3. Cat and Fish Cups, $16.50 | 4. MilMil Teapot, $151 | 5. Ferm Living Teapot, $110 | 6. Black Hobnail Teacup, $8.95 | 7. Splatter Tea and Coffee Bowl, $35


all great, maybe you could do travel mugs some week for all those running out the door to work in this cold, checking your blog before we leave, a nice warm cup in our hands would be nice…. and there are so many terrible travel mugs….


I love No. 8 from the tea cups, the owl one! Really cute and lovely. No. 5 (the owl teapot) is also wonderful. A bit pricy but I think it would be worth it as I drink a huge amount of tea!

Molly {Dreams in HD}

sign me up for the copper tea kettle and the salon wall tea cup.
i drink tea 24/7 during the winter, so i think it is a very worthwhile investment :)

Brittany Lauren

This makes me want to sit down and have a nice cup of tea. I have one that is a vintage looking alice in wonderland pot. Makes me smile everything I pour a drink. The Yellena James Teapot is so pretty!


What a lovely selection…currently living in England, I am obsessed with tea mugs ;) The more handmade, pottery-like they look, the better. Right now I’m in love with Höganäs’ capuccino mugs that come with a wooden saucer.


Time to buy a new tea cup and pot! Now I’m suddenly craving a hot cup of tea! I guess I’ll just have to give in! hehe! Thanks for the ideas! These are awesome!


I tried to pick a favourite but I adore about 6 teapots and pretty much all of the cups. Must go make some tea.

Mari @ Oh, Sweet & Savory

What great finds! I especially love teapot No.5 – I adore stripes … on anything!
Tea is my favorite part of my morning & afternoon routine and always a great excuse to have some cake to pair it with!

Bekah Miller

Oh I love this! My mom collected teacups as I was growing up and the obsession has been passed on to me, so this hits the mark. I got a little tear in my eye when I saw the post and had a sudden flash of so many memories!

Plein Jane

For the past few years, I’ve used that green hobnail teacup as a container for random earrings. I may have to get another to actually use for tea!

julia binfield

Love this post Grace_I spend a lot of time drawing jugs and bowls and I’m now working round to teapots_this will be really useful, thanks!

Carol Barclay

May I respectfully suggest that you include some handmade work in your product features, Grace? One can find stunning hand crafted, and fairly priced, work on Etsy and other internet marketplaces for artisans.
I think you would enjoy perusing the aesthetic voices evident in many Etsy “shops.”
I enjoy reading your blog daily, and often find ideas and products that intrigue me!

Grace Bonney


many of these are handmade- they’re just not from etsy. i cover etsy artists on a regular basis- but that’s not the only site where you can find handmade work :)


Carol Barclay

Thanks, Grace- yes, I have seen that you have covered etsy artists, and have been delighted to be introduced to shops that I may have missed before reading your blog.

An artist who is chosen by a retailer (e.g. anthropologie) for a production line is very fortunate, and no doubt benefits from the exposure. On the other hand, the income for the artist is pretty meager, as the retailer needs to be able to cover expenses as well. Hopefully, the publicity means that these artists have other opportunities that provide a reasonable income.

I didn’t expect to get a response from you on a Saturday- don’t forget to take some time off!


Grace Bonney


No worries- I don’t mind responding on the weekends. I actually have more free time to get into comments then, which is nice :)

I agree about the cut- but the increased exposure usually has its benefits for their line overall. But I promise I’ll stay dedicated to including indie artists as much as possible. (It’s hard bc I get a lot of flack for including things with high price points, so I try to include some lower-budget pieces for those people, and handmade and low budget rarely go in hand in hand*)

*Though I understand why and support their need to make a living and profit from their work.



Have to give you a correction… The Paul Smith pot is actually designed by Arne Jacobsen for Stelton… Paul Smith did a re-vamp of that design where he gave the handles different colours than the original Black (here shown in pink)

Nina Daryanani

I’m thrilled to see more teatime on DS. And I’m so glad that you got carried away! Tea is having its moment and I’m ecstatic, especially proper English teatime. Yay! Might you consider a closer look at that? The proper English necessities can be impossible to find in the US. Just try find a decent teaspoon or a sugar tong! I’m happy to help if you like. Not that you need it of course. Beautiful blog. Thanks Bonnie.


I’ve been waiting for this! i love tea pots! i find it attractive to place a touch of art in it! Thanks for this!


I meant to say thanks Grace! Not sure why I called you Bonnie (and didn’t even spell it correctly.) My apologies. Let’s never speak of it! ;-)

Vikki R

WHAT!!! No Brown Betty’s???? Made in the Cotswolds these are the most wonderful teapots on the planet and they never drip!