40 Great Kitchen Organizing Tools

I’m in the middle of a serious home-cleaning kick, and my kitchen is a nightmare. And not just because every tile in my home is sealed with glitter grout. While I squint and try not to see the glitter between each tile (Who knew that even existed? My landlord, I guess.), I’m focusing on organizing tools that help me clear counter space and keep food fresh and easy to find. So for this week’s organizing roundup, I decided to focus on 40 products (you can see the full 100+ item research roundup on Pinterest) that will help you keep everything in your kitchen spic and span, from knife racks and sponge holders to rolling carts and storage containers. If I’m missing a household favorite of yours, please let me know. I’m always looking for beautiful — but functional — kitchen design. xo, grace

*All this month I’m doing organizing roundups in honor of the New Year and fresh starts. If you have an organizing theme request, just let me know below!

Image above: 1. Plastic Bag Dispenser, $2 | 2. Steel Nesting Trio, $27 | 3. Condiment Holder, $13 | 4. Steel Container, $25 | 5. Condiment Holder, $13 | 6. Cookie Jar, $25 | 7. Meal Bowls, $15 each | 8. Juice Jars, $6+ each | 9. 10-piece Starter Storage Set, $100 | 10. Dipped Glaze Containers, $80 | 11. Glasslock Rounds, $7+ each | 12. Recipe Box, $15

Image above: 1. Drawer Organizer, $30+ | 2. Stonybrook Utensil Jar, $68 | 3. Bistro Knife Block, $49 | 4. Marble Utensil Crock, $25 | 5. Le Creuset Cassis Utensil Crock, $40 | 6. 10-piece Knife and Rack Set, $250 | 7. Expandable Cutlery Tray, $19.99 | 8. Knife Dock, $40

20+ more kitchen-organizing ideas continue after the jump . . .

Image above: 1. Wine Cabinet, $899 | 2. Elfa Kitchen Cart, $159 | 3. Metro Cart, $258 | 4. Green Rolling Cart, $25 | 5. Baker’s Rack, $213 | 6. Butcher Block Kitchen Cart, $480

Image above: 1. Pot and Lid Rack, $129 | 2. Mug Organizer, $49 | 3. Double Bookshelf Pot Racks, $103 | 4. Manchester Glass Set, $128 | 5. Wall-mounted Bar Pot Rack, $22 | 6. Stainless Steel Kitchen Organizers, $29–$99 each | 7. Dot Coat Hooks, $10

Image above: 1. Label Maker with Case, $49 | 2. Bakeware Holder, $19.99 | 3. Smart Tools Kitchen Stand for Tablets, $50 | 4. Under-shelf Baskets, $6.99+ each | 5. Sink Caddy, $9.99 | 6. Tie String Holder, $19 | 7. Twixit Bag Clips (set of 10), $7 | 8. Freezer Labels, $4.99


The Container Store has the exact same knife block a Williams Sonoma & for less ($29.99). I bought there larger one 2 years ago ($49) and it is worth every penny! WS says they have a Deluxe but i could not find it on their site.

Tiffany Rooprai

You know, Grace, you can always run a skim coat of a non-glitter, non sanded grout over the glitter. Match the color and you should be able to cut down on that sparkle!


I have that white cookie jar up at the top of the post and it’s fantastic. Also works well for not-so-homemade cookies during a busy week. Cookie jars are a must when you have kids :)


I love the weck juice containers. I have a kitchen full of weck storage in different sizes. I found a US distributor that sells the widest variety of their stuff at the lowest price (I promise I don’t work for them!). weckjars.com sells all of the different shapes in all sorts of sizes.


I love items that are functional and pretty. Thanks for this list!


That $2 Ikea plastic bag dispenser is one of the handiest things I’ve ever bought – great for dog owners!

Lucy Delia

Thanks for the roundup. How about one on children’s organization?

Grace Bonney

hi lucy!

i don’t typically do children’s products here but i’ll keep that in mind if i find anything cute :)



We live in a NYC apartment with a kitchen with ZERO drawers! Our silverware are in a cabinet. Our utensils are a mess except for the ones in a crock on the counter. Any ideas for us?


Hi Grace! Some ideas on filing those pesky papers would be great too! Thank you for all you do!


Thank you for the great post, i fell in love with the green wire cart! About the glittery grout problem- you can use sturdy sticky tape, like gaffer, to remove the glitter without sweeping it around. Basically like a lint roller for the floor :)


This is a beautiful list and I’m proud to say I have a few similar items in my kitchen!

Grace Bonney


no! please stay away- as a tenant, i can tell you it comes out with EVERY cleaning. i am constantly cleaning glitter out of everything- sounds fun, but it’s so frustrating.



I have the marble utensil crock and the green rolling cart! I LOVE marble and it’s a nice inexpensive way to incorporate it into our kitchen, at least until I can afford marble countertops! Instantly elevates. The rolling cart is super useful and fits right in between our fridge and the wall perfectly and is so much cuter than white, black or silver. I hate wasted storage space.


First: glitter grout!?! You learn something new every day.
Second: I need to get my hands on a sink caddy.


We recently hung two inexpensive ikea pot lid racks on a free wall in the kitchen for cutting boards and rolling pins — it’s worked out perfectly!


Those OXO pop up containers (#9) in the first photo are my absolute favorite. That’s actually a really great price for the set – I’ve been slowly purchasing them from The Container Store, but they aren’t inexpensive. Completely worth it though.