25 Beautiful Borders in Design

Earlier this morning I mentioned my devotion to borders, so today I’m keeping the trend going with a roundup of beautifully bordered designs in the market. I love how polished and finished everything feels when it had a bit of trim or edging to it. Whether it’s colorful piping or a classic ribbon border, that little extra detail really makes all the difference. For today’s roundup I focused on my favorite 30 pieces, but you can view my full Pinterest research board here with 100 product and DIY ideas related to borders. I’m always looking for new borders to bring into my life (I really want to try this ribbon-trim room idea), so if you have any favorites, please share them below. Stay tuned for a DIY bordered box project at 12! xo, grace

Image above: 1. Mansard Rug $165 | 2. Navy Trunks $665 for 2 | 3. Pendant $651 | 4. Lacquered Boxes $90+ | 5. J. Crew Jacket $298 | 6. Ink Pillowcases $100 | 7. Coral Deco Pillow $55

Image above: 1. Wool Border Rug $129 | 2. Dhurrie Border Rug $80 | 3. Cotton Velvet Pillow $16.99 | 4. Stemless Wine Glass $32 for 4 | 5. Pajama Set $78 | 6. Lacquered Desk Set $245 | 7. Flat Notes $15 | 8. Shower Curtain $149

Image above: 1. Cotton Tea Towel $9 | 2. Ribbon Drape $69+ | 3. Great DIY Duvet idea from Little Green Notebook (for Joanna Goddard) | 4. Tovaglia Agugliata Table Cloth $980 (Splurge-city)

Image above: 1. Norte Linens $250+ | 2. Navy Pillow $60 | 3. Ribbon Shade $177+ | 4. Border Drape $42

Image above: 1. Tangerine Duvet Set $310 | 2. Matouk Mirasol Table Linens $180+ | 3. Ribbon Trim Shade $28+ | 4. Frette Hotel Linens $350 for set | 5. Great ribbon-trimmed valance idea from Canadian House & Home Magazine


Love this post! However, I like it much better when you list the prices and the name of the item as opposed to just numbers. It saves me a lot of clicking.


Beautiful! It’s the compromise between color and the simplicity of white. I was looking forward to this roundup! Thanks!


Love this! But none of the numbered links seem to be working :( Would love to find the sources for a few of these. Thanks!


I love most, if not all, of these items! However, it appears none of the links are working for me. :(


And doesn’t look like the numbers are working as links, at least in Firefox.


Love love LOVE this! It’s the perfect match of vintage mod and contemporary. So inspiring…Thank you!

Kim L.

Great selection! I wish I could own everything! I’m currently obsessing over the Flat Notes pillows.