25 Great Diaries + Planners

Inspired by Max’s Living In pick for today, I decided to go on the hunt for beautiful diaries and planners. Paper planners are starting to become more of my jam lately, as they’re more difficult to ignore than a tab on my browser I can easily close. I’ve been using a hot pink Rollbahn notebook as my daily to-do organizer, but I found dozens of great options that would be perfect if you prefer to check things off of a list, not click them on a screen. For diaries, I found a wide range of options, from shiny, crackly gold leather bound books to simple kraft paper notebooks that would be perfect for jotting down thoughts and ideas. I’ve narrowed this list down to my absolute favorites, but you can check out the full un-edited research list of 70 options right here on Pinterest. xo, grace

Image above: 1. Dot Journal $14 | 2. Thread Notebook $12 | 3. Silver Notebook $7.50 | 4. Leather Day Planner $75 | 5. Kimono Notebook $7.50 | 6. Birch Notebook $11 | 7. Steeping Journal $24 | 8. Barbara Wiggins Diary $19 | 9. Valise Journal $15 | 10. Recycled Leather Notebooks $18

Image above: 1. Waiting for Tomorrow Day Planner $28 | 2. Le Postcard Agenda $25 | 3. Pink Leather Notebook $42 | 4. Pool Date Book $30 | 5. Neon Desk Book $80 | 6. Red Moleskine Planner $18 | 7. and 8. Mini Planner $10 | 9. Floral Weekly Planner $18

Image above, clockwise from top left: Stick-up weekly calendar/planner $10, LiveWork Agenda $28, Mini Planner $10, Monthly Planner $30

Image above: 1. Flocked Journal $22.50 | 2. Decomposition Notebook $5 | 3. Color-dipped edges Notebook $11

Images above: Monthly Diaries at The Hatch $12 (All the same product)


This is awesome- thanks for sharing. I have a serious obsession with journals and use them as notebooks for work. I have a collection of them by now, and buy new ones whenever I see a cute one- looks like I’ll be buying a few of the ones you listed!


so nice to see I’m not the only one that has a serious obsession with paper, pens and pencils. I’m currently in love with Field Notes (fieldnotesbrand.com) and before that were the Jill Bliss notebooks by Chronicle, oh love grid paper, who doesn’t? Lovely post D*S! :)


I looooooove them all! Monthly diaries is my biggest crush ! :) Thanks for letting me feel normal with my paper obession as well. ha! I am always taking notes of my daily ideas, so these are my best friends !
@catherine : thank god I’m not the only one obsessed with fieldnotes!


Yes yes yes. I am obsessed with paper products, specifically diaries and planners. I need to own all of these immediately. Ha. But seriously, at least one or two of them.


There seems to be a link missing for the lovely floral notebook (No.9 on the 2nd section). Can you tell us where it’s from?

Grace Bonney


sorry about that- it was in there (floral weekly planner) but i messed up the numbering. it’s fixed now :)



I was curious about the red agenda in the third section of featured journals/etc., but the only link that seems to be right is the first. Could someone update those? :D Thanks for this post! I, like many others, am a compulsive notebook/journal collector.


I’ ve been using that Moleskine Planner for years! It’s the best of both worlds with the mix of weekly planner pages and notebook paper.

As for diaries, have you seen Keel’s Simple Diary? I used to journal all the time, but then found I wasn’t taking the time to do it properly. The simple diary is full of quirky questions and exercises that give you a little taste of reflection before bed. Check it out: http://www.simplediary.com/book/vol1-orange/


I’ve been looking for a planner for the new year. I just may find one here!


Susan Marie

Isn’t it fascinating that there are so many of us obsessed with pens, paper, journals, diaries and so forth? I’m wondering if there might be a diagnosis for this – some type of philia. I have a compulsion to write lists, notes, thoughts and I adore graph paper. OCD, I guess. Ha! Great selections.

katie mollie

I’m so excited to see this roundup — I’ve been searching for something similar for weeks!

In the meantime, I found one from Martha Stewart’s line for Staples in the clearance basket there. For fifteen bucks, it’s a big time score for anyone who loves robin’s egg blue (and the layout of the planner pages works really well for me): http://www.staples.com/Martha-Stewart-Home-Office-with-Avery-2013-Perfect-Bound-Planning-Calendar-Desktop/product_759967?externalize=certona


I’m what you would call a notebook addict! In almost every store – from a Target to a MoMA that’s where my mind goes to. Love the Valise journal and the set of colored leather notebooks! I’m on the same page as Becca :)