2013 Calendars

One of the few resolutions I try to make (and keep) at the beginning of every year is to be more organized. I usually start off strong with cleaning and organizing goals, then quickly slip into chaos. So this year, I’m going to put some tools to use, including an actual print calendar. I’ve been using my Gmail calendar for everything, and I just don’t always remember to check it. This year I’m attaching a calendar to the back of my front door so I have to see it before I leave every day. Hopefully I’ll be less likely to get a phone call from my dentist asking why I’m not at my appointment already. Here’s hoping that all of us have a happy and well-organized year ahead of us. xo, grace

Image above: 1. Sugar Paper Calendar, $52 | 2. Cutout Number Calendar, $27 | 3. Indigo Bunting Calendar, $36 | 4. Zoo Calendar, $27 | 5. Wood Desk Calendar, $21 | 6. Stendig Calendar, $40 | 7. Darling Clementine Calendar, $10 | 8. Zig Zag Calendar, $11 | 9. Botanical Calendar, $42 | 10. W+K Calendar, $30 | 11. Language of Flowers Calendar, $28

Image above: 1. Cat Calendar, $30 | 2. Frankie Mag Calendar, $30 | 3. Flower Print Calendar, $18 | 4. Beer/Food Calendar, $24 | 5. Garden Calendar, $16 | 6. Botanical Calendar, $32

More calendars after the jump . . .

Image above: 1. Cats Calendar, $45 | 2. Icon Calendar, $36 | 3. Neon Owl Calendar, $14 | 4. Dozi Calendar, $22

Image above: 1. Prism Calendar, $33 | 2. Cats Calendar, $14 | 3. Rifle Paper Calendar, $20

Image above: 1. Ink and Wit Calendar, $48 | 2. Fox Calendar, $21 | 3. Sesame Letterpress Calendar, $20

Image above: 1. Astrology Calendar, $20 | 2. Egg Letterpress Calendar, $28 | 3. Fashion Illustration Calendar, $25

Image above: Hungry Fox Calendar, $20

Image above: Succulent Papercut Calendar, $40

Image above: Thumbelina Calendar, $33

Image above: Kitchen Herbs Calendar, $23 | Cyanotype Calendar, $65


Could you provide a link/company name for calendar #11 in the first grouping? The descriptions stop at #10, but in the images there’s a #11 – and I love it! :) Thanks!


Most of these don’t have room to write any appointments on, though…


You can get your gmail calendar to send you an email every morning telling you what’s scheduled for the day – it’s great and both my OH and I use it.


These are so creative, beautiful and brilliantly executed calendar themes. Loved them all. As everything is turning into a digital form, attaching a calendar behind the door is an excellent idea. Wish you too an organized year !


Hi! Great post! #11 on the top calender, black with flowers, isn’t listed! What is this one and where can I get one!?


Wonderful! I just came to the blog to try and find 2013 calendar recommendations, and it’s like you read my mind. Any recommendations for pretty wall calendars with a little more room to write on each day? Thank you!

Andrea E.

While my Outlook calendar rules my work day, I have always been a fan of these old school calendars…We keep ours on the door down to the basement in the kitchen, and everyone writes in their activities…..bonus is that I save them every year as they are a wonderful keepsake diary of sorts that chronicle the wonderful and mundane events of our life….I’m always grateful to be so busy and to have so many activities fill my days and years even if some of them are doctor’s appointments, my husband’s hockey games and my son’s visits home from college….

Angel Y.

These are wonderful! I love having an additional piece of artwork in my home. Taking a trip up to Rifle Paper Co this weekend to snag Anna’s fabulous calendar.


I don’t know how any one lives, least of all runs a business without a diary. Since I am notorious for crashing computers, I would never rely on Outlook or gmail to order my life. The only thing that can happen to my daily agenda is a fire. Thieves aren’t interested in them and harddrives don’t knock out access to them.

Melissa S.

Thank you! This is perfect! I was just shopping for calendars today and was feeling dissatisfied, so I’m thrilled to see so many good ideas here.


can i second (third, fourth) the request for some that have space to write? old school i know, but I like having a schedule at-a-glance on the wall…


I’ll bet “Be More Organized” is one of the most often used resolutions of all time! It’s on my list every year. Best of luck to us!


I found some lovely (and some funky) tea towel calendars on spoonflower.com. They had a contest a couple of months ago for 2013 designs and they’re quite affordable as each calendar fits on a fat quarter, making the price much lower than a normal yard order.


What a fabulous selection of calendars, thanks for putting this together…just gorgeous!


Oh man I wish I could justify more than just one calendar, but I am also a heavy google calendar user. I bought this one off etsy a few months ago, almost forgot that it is time to hang it up!

Kath Cobb

Some beautiful work as always but so many designs I have seen updated for the past 2,3,4 years and not even updated in a creative way, at most a colour change and new dates. I wish artist/designers would show a little more flair with their work for calendars and stop dialing it in. Also most of these aren’t really useable (no space for writing) is it too much to hope that designs should be beautiful and practical.


@Joanna — Rifle Paper Co.’s calendar is $20 on their website. :)


A fantastic roundup of calendars. Just beautiful. This is the kind of post that makes me love Design Sponge


These are beautiful! I especially like the cyanotype and prism calendars. I had the language of flowers from 2012 and loved it.


Gorgeous calendars! I buy art calendars such as these as something beautiful to look at everyday. Even if there were space to write in my appointments and meetings, I probably wouldn’t so that they stay pristine. iCal is for keeping my life organized, these are for bringing a little more beauty into my day.


I like them… it’s really wall art isn’t it? That’s what I think calendars should be – works of art. Seems like a lot of people here use Etsy for printing or publishing their calendars. Is that the case? (And why is that?) Nice photos too, your backgrounds (behind the calendars) really bring out the calendar pics. I have my own calendars here – http://calendartoprint.com/2013-calendar/ but I will (when I find out how Etsy works) start creating beautiful picture based calendars. Thanks – martin

Ps. I like practical calendars too, the kind you can kind of write on. Even if it’s a hurried scribble.

Catherine Daily

Love the Kitchen Herbs Calendar … pretty enough to frame!


I’ve been waiting for a calendar round-up, and you did not disappoint! Back in 2011 I bought the “year of nesting” calendar for my first daughter’s nursery, it seemed like the most perfect image and symbol for our new family. I put a heart around her birthday and framed it. I am due with #2 and they’ll be sharing a room, and since their nursery is bird-themed, I was hoping for another perfect calendar worthy of hanging, and I am totally in love with the eggs! It couldn’t be more perfect!! I bought a set and will be framing the January card. I’m so excited! Thank you, thank you!

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