Inkkit Glittery Notions

Max’s washi tape picture frame project has had me hunting down cute tapes online for months now. Our office walls are awfully white, so I’ve been dreaming up fun ways to replicate the patterns he used in larger-scale ways. During my searching, I landed on INKKIT’s Etsy page. The shop is chock-full of sparkly, glittery, shimmery accessories that would be perfect for all sorts of office projects, including some gold washi tape that’s definitely going in my cart. I’m eying the paint-dipped pencils, too. It seems like a good time of year to invest in some cute things that encourage me to stay a little longer at work and get creative. Click here to check out and shop the full collection on Etsy. xo, grace

Alex M.

Lovely. You could make a fantastic inspiration wall out of those things. When I was a student I used to bluetack interesting fliers/bar match boxes/newspaper clippings/stuff onto my wardrobe door and got quite an amazing pattern going. Is 28 too old to do the same thing again?


Ooh, I just ordered a bunch of stuff from this shop a couple weeks ago. Glittery seals for envelopes and ropes of sequin ribbon for special little packages. It’s all so lovely! Now I’m wondering why I didn’t grab one of those gorgeous little pencils. Ah, regret…

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