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20 Great Yoga Mats

by Amy Azzarito

We have an easy and fun yoga mat tote DIY project coming up later today, so as the resident yoga-obsessed team member, Grace asked me to do a little yoga mat roundup. I have to admit to feeling a little nervous about giving yoga mat advice, as I think choosing a yoga mat can be a bit personal. The best way to find a mat is to try out a few. I used to practice with a super cheap mat until I started slipping all over the place. Now, I practice with a Jade yoga mat because I think it has a good grip and is eco-friendly. Some of these mats were picked for the grip and some for the fantastic patterns; if a patterned mat motivates you to pull it out more frequently, then there’s nothing wrong with that! Recently, I have started an Ashtanga practice and have been thinking about going the yoga rug/towel route. I would love any advice if you have experience with a towel/mat. — Amy Azzarito

Image above: 1. Prosperity Yoga Mat, $19.29 | 2. Southwest Yoga Mat, $85 | 3. Magic Carpet Yoga Mat, $85 | 4. Flower of Life Yoga Mat, $21.59 | 5. Blue Medallion Yoga Mat, $21.59 | 6. Yoga Towel, $35 | 7. Neo-Baroque Yoga Mat, $22 | 8. Lululemon Mat, $68

Image above: 1. Red Polka Dot Yoga Mat, $71.99 | 2. Manduka Yoga Mat, $68–$96.36  | 3. Nike Yoga Mat, $50 | 4. Stella McCartney Yoga Mat, $80 | 5. Eko Superlite Travel Mat, $39 | 6. Prana E.C.O. Yoga Mat, $48  | 7. Blue Tie-dye Mat, $21.99

More yoga mats after the jump . . .

Image above: Electric Yoga Mat, $76

Image above: Yoga rMat, $84

Image above: Essential Yoga Mat, $21.98

Image above: 1. Zen Garden Mat, $22 | 2. Aurorae Northern Lights Mats, $40 | 3. Zinni Mat, $24 | 4. Taos Mat, $30 | 5. Orla Kiely Mat, $55

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  • I second Mandy’s comment on the Jade Yoga mat. Love mine. I also love my Yogitoes skidless mat towel.

  • I have a Manduka Pro Lite yoga mat that I really like. The only downside is in hot vinyasa classes I slip, so I have a towel. It’s the Manduka equa towel (I think). I really don’t mind using a towel during class, it doesn’t smell (I’ve had mine for two years or so), it’s easy to wash, and I think it’s better to sweat all over that vs my mat.

  • I have some yoga mat towel advice: The Gaiam one is THE WORST! I got one bc I thought it would be a nice alternative to carrying a mat around. The towel I got is slippery until y0u are absolutely soaked in sweat, and only then can you get any kind of traction, while at the same time, when you touch the towel normally (like to lay it out on your mat) it will stick to your skin and suck all the moisture out of it! Gives me the heebie jeebies! I ended up just getting a Jade Travel Mat and am much happier.

  • I started ashtanga on a studio manduka and never looked back. I get extremely sweaty so i usually put manduka eko towel or a yogitoes towel in top. I used the superlong mat to cushion my heels during the sitting fwd bends and the thickness of manduka makes my garbha p rolls comfy

  • great picks! it looks like #3 and #4 in the last batch are switched! the zinni yoga mat is the one with the white petals.

  • i like mr. glitters comment!
    i’m in the market for a yoga mat, preferably no pvc, so thanks for the link to the jade. hadn’t come across that one yet. this yoga mat dilemma made me research what the yogis traditionally used~ deer or tiger hide, bare earth, or a mat made of grasses.

  • Next you’ll need to do a roundup of yoga mat bags. The one in your DIY tutorial is adorable, but I have not a DIY bone in my body! I’ve been searching, lately, for a mat bag that will also hold (upright) my big-ass, glass water bottle.

    • steph

      i promise (promise promise promise) you can do this bag. if i can do this (my hands are like clunky messes when it comes to crafts) you can, too. it’s basically a giant square with a strap attached :)


  • #correction for the first set of mats… 5. Blue Medallion Yoga Mat, $1.59 is actually $21.59. I got super excited and curious at such a great deal! :)

  • Like a few commenters above have pointed out, the Jade mat is the BEST. I use it for my weekly pilates class and was the best 70 bucks I’ve spent on anything fitness related.

  • I practice Bikram yoga on my Manduka pro mat with a Yoga Rat non slip towel. I would recommend both to anyone that wants to make the investment. My mat has lasted longer than a lot of other brands.

  • I have a Magic Carpet Yoga Mat and I LOVE it so much! It’s super high quality, I can easily align my hands and feet, which makes for better practice, PLUS I always have the prettiest mat in class :)

  • Amy for your Astanga practice you’ll be happiest with your jade. You need the grip it offers for your longer down dog holds. A towel will leave you scrunching toes and gripping hands. I have a Manduka pro. It’s heavy for travel but oh so worth it. I’ve practiced some on the jade and love it as well.

    • Thanks, Jessica. My Jade mat works pretty well, but I do see some people use a towel when they transition from standing to sitting asanas. Thanks! -Amy

  • Yay Yoga! I have a Manduka Lite that i’ve use for over 5 years and it still has great stick. If it’s hot yoga, I do need the grip towel on top. from so much sweating!
    I want to try that Magic Carpet mat to practice on such a cool pattern. Thanks for the yoga-inspiration!

  • Someone gave me an Aurorae northern lights mat. While beautiful, it is too slippery. Thanks for the round up.

  • These are freaking awesome. I had been looking for a new mat and I just ordered the neo baroque one!

  • This makes me believe I need a new yoga mat! Very tempting.
    I practice Bikram and you definitely need a towel. I too have a yogitoes skidless towel and it is great, you don’t slip at all, and I love that it covers the whole mat.

  • I have to recommend EmbraceActivism yoga mats…they’re health & eco-friendly plus they let me do more with my practice by contributing towards the fight against breast cancer. 10% of my purchase went to a breast cancer charity I chose (Cancer Lifeline) I love that the mat’s extra thick too and comes in a yoga bag.

  • I’m an ashtangi as well! I use a barefoot yoga Mysore rug over my mat for when things get heated up! I’d definitely recommend this route!

    I love some of these designs, I wish I knew if they were good! Most of the people in my studio use mandukas and have great things to say but I’ve never used one for my practice.

  • I forgot to add that I have the aurorae northern lights one i got it because it was pretty and Eco-friendly. I don’t totally love it though!it was really slippery when I got it and hasn’t gotten too much better.

  • I’ve practiced on a YogoMat (http://yogosport.com) for the last two years and I can take it everywhere because it fits in my bag, backpack and suitcase – as opposed to my jade and my manduka pro mats, which are huge behemoths. YogoMats will be available for purchase starting Feb. 1 on Kickstarter.

  • fantastic selection of yoga mats, so so pretty. It’s time for a new yoga mat and I want one that’s nice looking as well as supportive and non slippy. I don’t think I’ll have much trouble now. Thanks!

  • Great post. I am expanding the number of mats I am offering on my web site downdog Boutique and would only add that Rosin can be a great help for people who get very slippy hands. It is the white chalky stuff that bowlers use and comes in a small bag. It is sold on Amazon (we don’t sell it). Also Natural Fitness make a great folding Yoga Mat for travelers that slips right inside your suitcase!

  • Supermats makes pads typically used for exercise equipment. Their 30″ x 72″ mat is great for yoga. Slightly larger than a standard mat. I like the extra space around my towel.