Wooden Tiles by Moonish Co.

As a renter, the day when I’ll be able to tile is always on my mind. I look at my current apartment’s pink and yellow tiles with glitter grout (oh yes, that exists) and loathe the fact that I can do nothing to change it. But one day that will change, and I’m happily going to install something that is glitter-free and beautiful. Until that day, I continue to covet and hoard photos of pretty tiles like a nut. These beautiful tiles are actually magnetic wooden tiles. Made of marine plywood, each is hand dyed and painted in Brooklyn by Moonish Co. I love that they’re easy to apply, remove and change whenever you like. According to the site, they’re a renter’s dream because all you need to do is apply the magnets to the wall and then attach the tiles. I’m always worried about the glue being too strong and taking part of the wall off, but if anyone tries this, please let me know. I’d love to cover at least some of the glitter grout in my apartment. If you want to check out these tiles in more detail or shop, click here to see the Moonish site. xo, grace


Grace, I am aslo a renter and similarly like to limit what I’ll need fix when I move out. I don’t know that it would be a good fit for the wood tiles above, but something that is currently working for me is to tape washers or other flat metal to the wall for instant magnetic access. Not sure it would be strong enough for the weight of these, but it does mitigate the need for something as strong as glue.


these are really cool…and could be made really easily if you have the power tools to cut the plywood!! i’m inspired!!

Marla Dawn

Perfect, smart and good looking solution for lots of locations! I thankfully remodeled my kitchen and installed custom cement tiles on the floor with a similar style and LOVE them.

Molly (in DC)

Wonder if they would stick to magnetic chalkboard paint?


Ah, but none of these beauties is in stock… I just checked the website – only two patterns right now. It is such a wonderful concept and the tiles are gorgeous!


If you’re allowed to paint, why don’t you apply magnetic paint to the wall and then attach the magnets to the backs of the tiles – then you can place, rearrange, place, rearrange, etc.