Weekly Wrap Up + Winter Cabin Collection

A little part of me is a Portlander at heart, so I’m always happy to share great new designs from Oregon-based designers that remind me of bundling up in cold weather. The Winter Cabin Collection is a collaboration with lettering and design by Mary Kate McDevitt, printing by Man vs Ink and sewing by Vanessa Rehder of Wanderlust. All of the signs, accessories and blankets are made by hand using salvaged fabric and wood and would look super cute in any home. The photo above is actually from Will and Sally Bryant’s home in Oregon. Will gave the “Hunker Down” hanging to Sally as a gift, and it looks so adorable in their home. You can see more from the Winter Cabin Collection online right here, here and here. Here’s hoping everyone has something warm to snuggle up with this weekend. xo, grace

Below is a summary of this week’s highlights:

Design Pataki

Absolutely love the scrabble pillows…. totally getting saved in my favs! Spell out words you want to say to your husband! Hint Hint ;)