Walnut Ornaments

After last weekend’s Portland Bazaar, I’ve got Oregon on the brain. I’m always looking for great makers, and the team behind The Last Attempt at Greatness in Portland is definitely on my list. They created these gorgeous¬†walnut ornaments for Branch in San Francisco using 100% sustainable Oregon black walnut. Each one is hand turned on a lathe and hangs from a tiny cotton cord attached to a tiny screw eye. I’ve always loved the look of a nature-themed tree, so something all wood would be gorgeous. You can read more about these ornaments or place an order ($32) right here. xo, grace


Beautiful! I’d love to gold leaf the bottoms of these-just the tip- like they were dipped in gold

Mr. Glitter

These are really beautiful.

I suppose you could do something very similar with inexpensive wooden finials from a home supply store.



I would imagine these solid/turned wood ornaments too heavy for most tree branches…


very beautiful, they may be heavy though could be placed in settings not just for Christmas and I agree may be too heavy for a christmas tree


These are beautiful! So different. I could see them sitting on my mantelpiece with the cards