Star Pendant Lamps

On last week’s radio show, Amy and I talked about our top 10 trends in design and design blogging for 2012. Of all the trends we discussed, the geometric craze is my favorite. I still can’t get enough of all the clean lines and brass detailing, mostly because I have an equally intense obsession with fluffy textiles, and these angular shapes are a nice way to balance out all that texture. These gorgeous Star Pendants are from Mambo, a design studio in Portugal. Made of polished copper, the Star collection consists of three different pendant styles. I love the style above, but you can check out all three options online right here. I’d love to have a row of these above a desk or dining table — they’re so clean and chic. Thanks to Maria for the tip! xo, grace

Junk in my Footlocker Trunk

Looks like they’ve turn Frank Lloyd Wright on he ear! I love the rectangles interrupted by the diagonals. I’m sure these pieces are even more captivating when one can see how they move in three dimensions.


Spot on! Gorgeous all three of them! I Love how they can look retro and futuristic, organic and geometrical at the same time! Just went to the top of my Christmas wishlist!