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Sneak Peek: Camilla Ebdrup and Andreas Stenmann

by anne

Camilla Ebdrup, half of the Danish duo behind LuckyBoySunday, and her husband, photographer Andreas Stenmann, live in the Sluseholmen neighborhood of Copenhagen with their four-year-old son, Sigurd. The three-level apartment they’ve called home for the past year and a half is at the waterfront with nearby canals and often inspires them to decorate with objects they’ve found washed up by the sea. Their style is a mix of modern and vintage for a cozy space that makes them feel at home. Don’t miss the latest from LuckyBoySunday’s line of knitted home interior goods for grownups and children here. Thanks to Camilla and Andreas for the photos! — Anne

Image above: Our dining table is very special to us. We bought it on a trip to Bali a few years back, and we picked out the 200 kg wooden plank directly at the workshop.

Image above: Kitchen area. The ladder idea came up when there was no more room in the cupboards for the pots and pans, and it looks great.

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Image above: We just bought a new relaxing safari chair, and it’s a good match for our couch from the Danish design brand Bolia.

Image above: In the hallway by the staircase, there was just enough room for the IKEA  furniture that holds our collection of photography books.

Image above: Sigurd’s room, where I can put all the quirky kids’ decoration we find at flea markets and antique stores.

Image above: I made a little corner for him to draw and ponder his own thoughts.

Image above: For our upstairs bedroom, we made a wall out of IKEA boxes and painted some of them in pastels. Some hold my collection of owls and a ceramic ghost collection by my favorite multi-media artist, Arhoj, and Gaarmann.

Image above: Our little oasis by the waterfront.

Image above: Andreas’ downstairs office space, with the wall made from driftwood we found along the nearby coastline.

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  • The use of the ladder is very cool but that kitchen table…LOVE IT! and definitely the space maker in this place IMO :-). I love a well built custom addition in any home.

  • I love the earthy interior design. Awesome idea on the use of ladder for the kitchen, and the metal and rustic woods combination in the oasis area. The table, the leather lounge chair and the driftwood on the stair also caught my heart. Very inspiring.

  • I really love the driftwood wall, with some of the boards acting as little shelves – brilliant!

  • oh wow why is any interior from scandinavia so other worldly with light and space? This home is so lovely, it is so personal as well as attached to the outdoors. They must have the gift in their blood!

  • I love the idea of watching ducks floating by outside my window. Where can you do this in the U.S.? Who needs a TV when you can watch the scenery outside, changing constantly hour by hour? I’d just settle in with my knitting, knit, watch until dusk….

  • bliss, love…love…love what you’ve created in every inch of your divine home. i’ve been living with lids of pots clanging and crashing in too crowded cupboards — and now have found a wonderful solution, thanks to your ingenuity. textures, subtle colours, and so much gentle care everywhere. thanks for sharing.

  • It’s amazing how gorgeous make shift can be; the wooden boxes around the bed, wooden panelled walls and the shelving units really add character, it makes me want to renovate this second!

  • Would you mind sharing the material used for the backsplash in your kitchen? Is it cement? It looks great!

  • Beautiful! Love the pots and pans and the safari chair! So lucky that you found that chair…