Perfect Together: Decorative Matches + Candles

by Grace Bonney

We’ve been working on all sorts of gift guides for the coming weeks (we have one for every day from now until Christmas), but I wanted to mix in some shorter mini-guides this season for anyone who needs a few last-minute ideas. One of my favorite go-to gifts is combining a really great candle with a set of beautiful matches. Most candles become difficult to light after they’ve burned down a bit, so a pack of longer matches is a nice way to go. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite candles (some subtle, some dramatic) and matches in case you need a quick idea that wraps easily and always seems to make people happy. One thing to consider: I’m someone who loathes really strongly scented candles in my own home (I stick to ocean or water-related scents), and many others do, too. Be sure to check with your recipients and get an idea of what sort of scents they like. What perfume or cologne do they wear? Do they have candles in their home already? Use what they have as a general guideline or find something that reminds them of something personal — a favorite garden flower, an exotic destination or a weekend favorite, like clean laundry. xo, grace

Image above: 1. Hickory Stick Candle, $36 | 2. Firewood Scented Diptyque Candle, $28–$60 | 3. Cracked Ice Candle, $18 | 4. Mercury Dot Candle, $14.95 | 5. Imperial Pillar Candle (warning: these are intense smelling candles), $110 | 6. Candlewax Bust, $125 (too cool not to include) | 7. Sydney Hale Candle, $28 | 8. Pine Candles, $38–$58 | 9. Striped Tapers, $22 | 10. Hobnail Candle, $28

Image above: 1. Gemstone Matches, $3.50 | 2. Tree Identification Matches, $4 | 3. Dragonfly Matches, $10 | 4. Moroccan Tile Matches, $9.30 | 5. Parquet Matches, $3.99 | 6. Pinecone Matches, $2.95 | 7. Constellation Matches, $3.50

Many more candles and matches continue after the jump!

Image above: 1. Adventure Matches, $3.50 | 2. Mermaid/Neptune Matches, $3.95 | 3. Coral Matches, $6.50 | 4. Starfish Matches, $8.75 for three packs | 5. Whale Matches, $3.95 | 6. To/From Matches, $3.50

Image above: Soy Candles by Farmhand Made on Etsy, $20 each

Image above, clockwise from top left: Carnation Candle, $50 | Siam Poppy Candle (with plantable-package that grows poppies!), $25 | Field of Grass Candle, $14.95 | Gardenia Candle, $14.50 | Votivo Clean Crisp White (one of my fall time faves — smells like clean laundry), $26 | Sundari Chameli Candle, $38 | Fresh Tomato Vine Candle, $49

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  • Can you please start putting the image descriptions (with the product links) directly under the image? On this post, it’s not so bad, but on posts with longer introductory paragraphs (just one example: the DIY gift guide), the image description gets lost underneath. Then you have to scroll up to view the image, and then down to read the product links, and back and forth, so you can see what you’re reading. It just makes so much more sense to put those links directly under the photo.

  • I could buy each and every one of them! I love candles! Those matchbooks are really something else! I like the mermaid people ones!! =)

    That pink victorian lady bust is so cool! I wish I had that!! Great ideas for pairing gifts!! Thanks for the ideas!

    Ergo – Blog