Living Gifts: Terrarium Workshop

Now don’t go away! We know that we’re all too familiar with the terrarium and its different types — open or closed, in unique vessels, mini terrariums as hanging necklace pendants, etc. But we must admit that we’re still not sick of them. We believe they make wonderful gifts! And we love the thought of giving something that keeps giving; with just a little attention, these gifts can continue to grow and eventually be divided and given again as a gift to another. What’s better than that?! Also, if you’re throwing a party and trying to do something special for your guests, host a little terrarium-making party. It’s simple and fun!

Recently, we paired up with the lovely Sofi of Olives & Grace to host a series of unique terrarium classes at her brick-and-mortar shop. Here are some of the GORGEOUS photos of our first class in this series from the talented Heidi Murphy of White Loft Studio. If you’re wondering how to make one of these delights for your own home or to gift to a friend, we’ll outline some helpful tips after the jump. Happy planting! — Ladies of Forêt

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Place rocks in the bottom of your terrarium vessel to allow drainage for your plants (about 1″ to 2″ of rocks).

Add a layer of landscaping fabric between the rock and soil layers to prevent dirt from seeping into the rocks when watering.

When choosing a variety of different plants for your terrarium, use ones that like the same climate and conditions. For example, plant ferns and moss together — they both love damp soil and indirect light.

To make your terrarium a bit more personal, you can add crystals, figurines or little mementos.


Thank you for giving me inspiration to revisit my terrariums and inject some life into them!


Love this! I’m bookmarking it. I bought a lovely terrarium with a succulent at a private home craft fair last weekend and was thinking, I could make this! I agree, it is a wonderful gift. I’m so glad you included tips in the post.

I love all the great bokeh on these images too :-) Kind of a macro lens freak myself!

Bridget from Refined Vintage

I have always loved these little decorative Eco systems! I used to make them in the late 1970’s. I would love to see this grow in popularity again, they used to be a hot design trend. Large Brandy snifters were often used. Does anyone remember when having plants all over your room was the green way to decorate?