Leah, Rachael & Julia: Scarf Collaboration

Collaboration between designers always makes me happy, especially when it begins in an organic way that leads to a natural blending of ideas and goals. Artists Leah Goren, Rachael Cole and Julia Rothman have been getting together once a week to work on experimental self-driven projects to try out new techniques, styles and materials. While tossing around ideas at one of their weekly meet-ups, they decided to work together on a series of scarves highlighting each person’s artwork. The first of hopefully many collaborative projects, their debut scarf line includes six new designs (two from each artist) printed on lightweight silk chiffon. Each scarf is printed in San Francisco and is for sale right here for $185. If you’ve ever wanted to decorate yourself (rather than your walls) with these artists’ work, here’s your chance! Click here to check out the full selection and shop online. Thanks to Julia for the tip, and congrats to all three artists on their exciting new venture. xo, grace

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Hank Cole

These exceptional scarfs arrive just in time for the Holidays. Rachael Cole, my daughter, is one of the partners, not that I’m biased. I hope all of my Facebook friends will consider giving one or wearing one yourself.

Hank Cole


The moon scarf is gorgeous. Sadly, it’s a tad expensive for me. Does anyone know where I could find something like that for a cheaper price? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thank you <3 xx