Human/House/Harvey: Flannel

Without fail, my mother would buy my sister and I matching flannel dresses for the holiday season, typically paired with flannel hair bows, all throughout our childhood.  Growing up in that tradition, I now naturally gravitate toward the flannel options during the holidays.  Call it a tradition if you will.  So this year, if I were to grab some flannel goodies for myself, my home and my pup, these would make my list. –Stephanie

HUMAN – With all of the parties and travel that goes on during this time of year, I am always in the market for a cute pair of sneakers that can get me around or just be matched with a great outfit. These grey flannel sneakers would look adorable with some knit tights, dress and toggle cape.

HOUSE – I love the simple and clean look of this grey flannel rocker.  It would fit most decor aesthetics and look great with a patterned throw pillow.

HARVEY – This plaid flannel, fleece-lined dog carrier looks cozy, I wouldn’t blame any pup for wanting to jump right in for a cozy nap.


I’m dearly wanting to sew up flannel pajama pants for my nieces….if I had the dollars to do it, I would! There’s some fabric on sale at Vogue Fabrics. I know my nieces would wear it. I’d wear it 2.

mary @ B&Gjournals

oh how my pup G would love that flannel carry bag—its been tough finding the right travel bag to bring him on the plane in, but this one looks like it would be perfectly inviting for him to cozy up in. and i love that it could double as a travel bed. wish i could afford it :)