Human/House/Harvey: Animal Print

A good pattern can spice up any look, and there is nothing more classic (and versatile) than an animal print. I remember being gifted my first faux-fur leopard-print jacket one year and wearing it to fringes. It was a favorite and will always be a memorable staple from my wardrobe’s past. Today, I think I might surround myself with the following animal-print goodness for myself, my home and my dog, Mr. Harvey. — Stephanie

HUMAN — In my opinion, a good scarf is a must in any wardrobe. I think this funky blue leopard/zebra scarf is both simple and fun and can go with just about any outfit combination.

HOUSE — Ok, so I’ve taken the idea of an “animal print” literally here. But I couldn’t resist sharing Sharon Montrose’s exceptional animal photography work. I am a HUGE fan and even have a set of her baby and adult porcupine portraits hanging above my bed. These donkey ears are next!

HARVEY — This collar caught my eye as soon as I saw it. It’s slick and stylish and vegan friendly.


Love the Human print scarf pattern. But it’s made of polyester! If only it were printed on cotton! or even a cotton blend.