Favorite Gift Ideas from Fab

Of all the items available in the Fab holiday shop, I am most enamored with that cane! I seem to be a little accident prone of late and spent about a month hobbling around with an ugly old man cane and wishing for something just a little cooler. I love that this cane looks chic and is pretty enough to hang on the wall when I heal. It would also make a great gift for a chic grandmother or other family member who needs a little walking help. Here are a few of my favorite Fab things! — Amy Azzarito

Image above: 1. Walking Cane, $112 | 2. Cat Ring, $30 | 3. Set of Copper Mugs, $24 | 4. Large Fouta Towel, $24 | 5. Baggu Laptop Sleeve 13″ Coral, $18 | 6. Farrah Sit Porcelain Container, $95 | 7. Honey Dipper Set, $60 | 8. Pipe Earphones, $30

This post is brought to you by our sponsor Fab. Smile, you’re designed to.

Image above: The Future Mapping Company’s World Reference Map, $178. It’s magnetic and huge (77″ x 39″!) so that you can easily plan a dream trip or mark the places you’ve been.

Sarah H

I’m thinking mod shepherd’s crook. The coolest nativity ever!

Tracy A

Titles and comment bubble working today on the IPad…thanks for checking on it!

Amy Azzarito

So glad to hear it, Tracy. Thanks for letting us know! xx Amy


Sadly, Fab’s site has a giant pop-up that forces you to sign up before you can view the site or anything. Was so annoying they lost me as a customer (and I was considering the copper mugs, too).


#3 Moscow Mule Mugs are the best and only way to have that yummy drink! Perfect Gift for the Men in your life!