DIY Holiday Door Swags

by The Ladies of Foret

Wreaths, trees, boughs and swags — as the nostalgic scent of evergreen springs up in malls, office buildings and homes, we’re instantly transported to the season of giving and sharing. Today, we’re sharing our favorite holiday swag: the door swag! It’s a simple, beautiful way to celebrate the season. We suggest using a mixture of what you have and what you can find in stores.

For our swag, we used evergreen, huckleberry, curly willow branches and seeded eucalyptus. But we love the idea of using mossy branches, deciduous branches whose last leaves are still clinging, plus berries, feathers, lotus pods and cotton branches, but really you can use anything! Our suggested recipe is at least one full green, some branches or vines, berries or pods and any other elements you like to add texture and dimension. — The Ladies of Forêt

For complete instructions, follow us after the jump . . .

From left to right: seeded eucalyptus, evergreen, curly willow and huckleberry branches

First we gathered some of our favorite elements. We love how the huckleberry branch and the seeded eucalyptus both have a reddish hue but are different texturally, which makes them a great pairing.

We started with our curly willow and added our fullest green so that the tips of the curly willow extended past the greens, giving length and a whimsical quality.

Then we added our huckleberry and eucalyptus, making sure to nestle them together so that all the elements were still visible. Next, we used wire to secure the branches together around the stems.

After wrapping the wire around the branches several times, we created a small hook in the back of the swag with the remaining wire. This is what you will use to hang your swag from.

Lastly, choose two ribbons to finish off the swag and add an extra pop of color. We typically like to vary the width of the ribbons we’re choosing for added interest. Have fun, be creative and happy holidays!

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  • Thank you – this is SO much easier than a wreath and a perfect project for the weekend, before family starts to arrive!

  • I bought myself a wreath for the first time this year, but this really makes me want to make a few more pieces to switch out! Great ideas!

  • I really love this idea and I tried it at home with all natural elements. I love it!! Thanks for the project idea!!