Cypress Planted Mugs

by The Ladies of Foret

Our hearts are aching in light of the recent Sandy Hook tragedy. One of the many thoughts that came to us recently was how much all of the teachers we’ve had have sculpted, guided, protected and challenged us to become who we are. Below we’ve outlined a simple, sweet gift for all those educators and mentors that devote their lives to helping others.

For this holiday gift, head to the antique market, Salvation Army, artisan fair or your favorite home good store in search of coffee mugs and tea cups. We found ourselves drawn to the hand-thrown mugs and also this vintage mug with the candy cane striping. We’ll use this as our container to plant our mini cypress trees. You can also use saplings, paper white bulbs, amaryllis or whatever holiday floral element you like. — The Ladies of Forêt

More details follow after the jump . . .

Materials & Tools

  • cypress trees
  • rocks
  • soil
  • mugs or teacups
  • thin jute or baker’s twine
  • mini stapler
  • assorted papers
  • tag punch
  • alphabet stamps
  • ink pad
  • wood stake
  • hot glue



1. After you’ve chosen your mug, place a few rocks in the bottom of the mug for drainage. Then fill with some soil and plant your tree inside the mug or teacup.

2. Next, using your punch (check out your local craft stores — these punches come in all different shapes and sizes), cut out your tag. Tie a small knot at the end of your twine and attach it to the tag with your mini stapler. We loved using the small stapler because it really emulates the teabag tag.

3. Using stamps, add your message. With the tail end of the twine, wrap the small floral wood pick and secure with either your stapler or hot glue.

4. For the tea lover, complement your gift with a bag of their favorite loose tea.

And you’re done! There are many additional add-ons you could include with your planted mug, like a small jar of honey, a little spoon or a tea ball.

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