Copper Gingko Mobile

During my senior year of college, I devoted my final printmaking project to celebrating the incredible gingko trees that lined the path to our campus art studio. The result was a two-part print that looks like cascading gingko leaves, and it now hangs in my parents’ dining room. I’ve had a fondness for gingko leaves ever since, so when I saw this incredible copper mobile at Terrain, I was sold. Inspired by the gingko-lined sidewalks of Greensboro, North Carolina, this graceful mobile comes with copper wire for hanging. I’d love to hang this in the entryway of a home; it feels so light and outdoorsy, the perfect vibe for the space that connects the outdoors to the indoor. If you’re interested in checking it out in more detail, click here to read more or place an order ($128 each). xo, grace

Grace Bonney


i’m afraid i don’t- it’s not listed on the site. but it says it’s inspired by the maker’s hometown in nc- are they from nc?



I think this is stunning. It seems so delicate, but bold with the choice of copper. I keep looking at that bottom piece wondering how exactly it’s balancing. It’d be cool to see how the pieces line up in other configurations.

J Jones

Hi, Im the maker of the Ginkgo mobile pictured. First thanks very much for posting the piece and the very nice comments.
J Jones


What a beautiful mobile! The metallic copper finish really compliments the delicate shape of the leaves. I think the ginkgo is my favorite tree. It is actually one of the oldest species of plants still around today, which, I think, makes them all the more interesting! Lovely work, J Jones.


I can hardly pick up my jaw now. I surround myself with gingkoes- I love them so. Beautiful!