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DIY Pom Pom Garlands by Ashley G

by Grace Bonney

There are few things in life as exuberant as a pom pom. They’re fun, fluffy and ooze the sort of playfulness that you need after a long day. These gorgeous examples come from one of my favorite artists, Ashley G. As if her home could get any cuter, Ashley decided to whip up these adorable pom pom garlands as a way to spruce up her mantel and doorways. I love the addition of lights and a little bird — it’s a colorful spin on traditional holiday decorations. Ashley was kind enough to share her how-to with us today. Thanks, Ashley! xo, grace

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  • yarn
  • pom pom makers (I used this set by Clover, but you can use your hand, a fork or templates you make out of cardboard)
  • SHARP scissors
  • an embroidery needle
  • cotton or poly string



1. Wind the yard around both sides of the pom pom maker. The more yarn you wind, the fuller your pom poms will be. If you want multiple colored pom poms, use multiple colors of yarn!

2. With a pair of sharp scissors, cut around the guides of the pom pom maker. After the yarn is cut, I like to trim the pom pom up a bit, getting the yarn as close to an even length as possible.

3. With a piece of yarn or string, tightly tie the pom pom. If you use a pom pom maker, you will hear a little snap when you get in the center.

4. Release the pom pom! Give it a good shake to shape it and trim around it until it is even enough to your liking.

5. Repeat (now’s a good time for a Netflix marathon).

6. Arrange the pom poms in the order you want to string them.

7. Cut a piece of string (I used thin drapery cord) twice as long as you want your garland to be (remember to cut extra for the ends!) and string through the embroidery needle.

8. Tie a knot and loop at one end. String and tie a knot and loop at the other end, and VOILA! Pom pom garland.

9. Hang and enjoy!

*Optional: I used a wooden bead at each end to secure the pom poms.

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  • As a working mother in the 40’s age bracket, I rarely imagine taking on DIY projects. (At a certain point, money to buy other people’s cute handmades becomes easier to find than time to make your own.) But something about these pompoms is tugging at my heartstrings. Let’s see if my kiddo wants to make pompoms with me.

  • Awesome! I wanted to make these for a dog-proof Christmas tree. Too bad this year no tree for me, because I’m going to move… Still a great idea, esspecially with the lights.

  • Absolutely awesome. So simple and a great way to make use of my pom pom maker! the mix of yarn draws the garland out of realm of ‘homemade’ (of course there is nothing wrong with ‘homemade’- but it is lovely to make something this easy that looks so totally amazing!) and into professional, fresh and modern!
    I just love it!

  • Is there a rule of thumb for how much yarn you need per large pom-pom? How many skeins (roughly) would you need to create a garland with the same kind of volume that is pictured? I’d love to make a few of these this year, but I’d love to cost it out before I get started.

  • oh my goodness! this is absolutely stunning. i’m embarrassed to add that i was working on something similar that is now positively paltry! i adore the mix of colors here. so pretty, thank you for sharing!

  • Thanks for the kind words! Emme, there isn’t really a rule of thumb on how much yarn per pom pom or garland since everyone will like their’s a bit different. BUT, I bought a handful of pound-o-yarn skeins at the craft store and am only now barely making a dent in them after a few garlands and pom pom gift toppers. So, it’s a SUPER affordable project, especially with craft store coupons. I hope that helps! And the mirror is thrifted Emily, but I have seen the same one twice…so I think there may be quite a few floating around out there.

  • I love this project, but don’t have the gadget. How would you do this with your hand or fork?

  • Love this project!! How are you attaching pom poms to string? Are you just tying the same yarn string you used while making the pom pom…if you are using embroidery needle do you string through centre of pom pom? Sorry I’m a newbie…thanks!

  • I loooove her work. What a great tutorial. Forget the apocalypse, pom poms are taking over.

  • so cool! but I’m also confused about attaching all the pom-poms into a garland: how do you do that step?

  • Dahlia and Georgia you use a large needle and just string them onto the cord through the center of the pom pom. The center of each pom pom is dense with yarn so it’s won’t fall off the cord but not so dense that you can’t get a needle through it. As soon as you make one and feel the pom pom you will know exactly where to string it through!

  • Interesting !~! I met a great woman a few weeks ago who makes the plushest, most colorful wool pompoms. When she told me how popular they are, I was in shock. Then I looked on Etsy and found site after site filled with them. So, yes, it’s a great idea and the colors here are to die for. Fat, fluffy, colorful, sighted, sparkly, plump…

  • I have 198.4 grams of yarn and I would like to make 14 10-20 cm pompons. Do I have enough yarn to make that number of pompons?

  • Love the addition of the fairy lights! I might have to give this one a go for our summer party, they would look so pretty strung up amongst the trees. Great way to use up all those odds and end of wool as well. Thanks so much for sharing, Love Sarah