cat nap pillow set

by Grace Bonney

The other week I made one of the fastest purchases of my life. Normally I’m a “wait and think about it” type of shopper when it comes to home goods, but these suckers were in my online shopping cart and on their way to Brooklyn faster than you can say “Cat Lady”. While traveling the other weekend I was flipping through Instagram on my phone, when I saw the most adorable cat print pillowcases on my friend Jen’s feed. Not only was her adorable dog, Zelda taking a nap on them, but they were the sweetest suggestion of a cat shape without being overly cutesy or realistic. I asked Jen who made them and when she replied “Xenotees” I clicked over to her Etsy shop and ordered a set. They just arrived yesterday and I couldn’t be happier- I can’t wait to snap my own version of Jen’s picture with me and Turk. Coupled with the new slippers Amy got me for Christmas I’ve pretty much fully realized my dream of being surrounded by cats all the time. Click here to check out Xenotees cat nap pillow set and order online ($45). xo, grace

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