Before & After: Rustic Bathroom Transformation

I’ve never lived with a bathroom that has basin sinks, but it’s a look that I’ve always loved. I’m thrilled to share this bathroom renovation from Charlotte Turtle, as it features a unique take on the basin sink: two large painted ceramic bowls that sit atop a rustic barn-wood surface. Sometimes basin sinks can look a bit austere, especially in concrete or stone, but this eclectic look is very friendly and warm and works wonderfully with the red brick, wood beams and simple jar-like light fixture. There’s a unique mix of materials in this bathroom, and the result is a super charming, casually elegant space that I would love to spend time in every day. Nicely done, Charlotte! — Kate

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Time: 6 months

Cost: $5000

Basic Steps: Our house is 97 years old and has many quirks. One is that we didn’t have a master bathroom. There was a room attached to our master bedroom. It had a washer and dryer hook-up and a sink. The best guess we have is that it was a second kitchen at one time. For the first few months of living in our home, we just used the utility room as a catch-all. We knew that we wanted something cozy and creamy with an industrial look. I started pulling together inspiration photos and fell in love with wood planked walls.

Since the room had been added on to the house, we hoped that there was brick behind the drywall. Our first step was taking down the drywall. Then our friend planked the walls, leaving one exposed brick wall. Since it had a sink, there was some plumbing, but not enough for a complete bathroom. The plumbing took the longest period of time with what seemed like no results. There was ugly linoleum on the floor, so we took that up and found original hardwood floors. They weren’t in the best shape, so my husband sanded them down and stained them. After several months, all the pieces started falling into place. The pieces we were most anxious about were the sinks. I had picked out a bowl at Anthropologie that I hoped could be drilled for a drain. We took them to a granite shop and got them to drill them for us. After that, our friend hooked up all the plumbing to the bowl, and it became a sink. It was an amazing process to see the transformation! I learned that patience and flexibility are most important with a project like this. I also learned that I needed to stand up for what I wanted. I knew that the sinks would make the room, and I had to stick to my guns to make them happen. — Charlotte


Lights: West Elm
Big JarsSmall Jar
Rug: West Elm, Chevron Knot
Vanity: Clark Renovations
Wood for Beams and Vanity: Green Family Materials
Shower Curtain: Anthropologie (similar)
Sinks: Anthropologie (no longer in stock)
Faucet: Home Depot
Windows: Custom from Home Depot
Mirror: Home Goods
Bench: Home Goods
Labor: Clark Renovations


Super cosy, I love the washing basins, so crafted, I just renovated my bathroom and I am pleased work is finished, well i still have to paint the walls but I am delighted with the new look and pieces.


beautiful – love the vibe. now i will have to stalk the rest of the house to see how it all fits together!


What a beautiful space! The transformation is amazing. The room is unique in every fashion. Enjoy your wonderful new room.

laura @ the shorehouse

This is amazing on so many levels. The best being that you made it look as if it was always there! The raised platform is such a great idea for a claw foot tub, too. And I’m loving that light fixture…must check it out!


Love that they exposed a brick wall and used Anthro bowls for sinks on the rustic vanity, just gorgeous!

sarah k

Very impressive for 5,000.00. The sinks reminds me of pottery I might see in Anthropologie- beautiful..they make quite a statement

Sara L.

Hate to be that gal, but how would you clean that wood? Seems like this is rather impractical. Beautiful, of course, but impractical. Unless there is some kind of awesome finish on there that makes the whole thing scrubbable?

Kathie Gieselmann

So proud of you and Ryan! It looks FABULOUS! I love that it is different and original and, yet, warm and cozy… You’ve done a great job, Char!


I LOVE this bathroom. My favourite part is the unconventional wash basins. brilliant and colourful idea. well done!

Rita | Miss Antique

gorgeous! The feeling in this bathroom is so warm and light at the same time. great great vision you had for this space, it’s wonderful, congratulations!


wow! one of my favorite ds before and after posts. excellent job!

Hazel Stone

Perhaps I am a horrible person, but all I can think about the barnwood washstand is that it must be impossible to clean.

The rest of the room is really inviting.


Good for you for sticking to your guns on the sinks. They’ll make you smile for years.


I love the exposed brick wall….just beautiful. You are soooo creative!
Anne Sloan Chalk Paint line has a great clear wax that would seal and preserve your wood while protecting its natural beauty. Just beautiful!

Amy Person

Love love love the clean look and the pizazz of the basins. Very well done!!


The after is absolutely beautiful. Congratulations on your gorgeous re-do.
From a practical standpoint, do you not use towel racks? And did you add baskets for your toiletries? I’m always curious about the day-to-day use.
The basins are art–great eye.


Good Lord YES. Quietly epic. One of the most personal before-and-afters on D*S to date.


Thank you all for the wonderful compliments! We really love our bathroom and have enjoyed the day to day. Clarat- I did get some bins for my toiletries. It helps with the organization and still hides the mess. We have also put up some hooks for our towels.

Thanks again to Design* Sponge for sharing! I am so honored!


I wonder if the $5,000 included labor cost. I assume so. My dad’s bathroom is a bit smaller and I really like this design. Hopefully we can get some renovations started this year.


I think that Matt Clark with Clark Renovations is amazing! To be able to take an old laundry room and transform it to such a lovely bathroom is truly a talent! Beautiful work!


Our home is 93 years old and my husband and I have been thinking about turning the vaulted basement stairs ceiling and part of our large laundry room into a second “master” bathroom. This is inspiring. Love the sinks!