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Before & After: Nursery Makeover

by Kate Pruitt

Over the years, we have featured a few sophisticated and modern nurseries that I would happily live in myself, and today’s project is no exception. When redesigning this small room for her newborn son, Anna Weaver decided to choose a rich, dark navy for the walls and bring in plenty of warm, bright colors for contrast. I love some of her clever details, including the curtains — simple canvas drop cloths sewn with pop-pom trim — and the patterned rug layered over the carpet. While dark nursery walls are unusual, I think they work well here to create a relaxing, welcoming space for both the new baby boy and his parents. Nicely done, Anna! — Kate

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Time: one week

Cost: $500

Basic Steps: I love mixing the old and new. My style is pretty modern, but I wanted this space to feel cozy and welcoming. I wanted a masculine and moody room for baby #2, and the navy walls did just that. This room began with the rug. It was all the inspiration I needed to create a playful boy’s room. If you’re looking to create a similar space on a budget, take some time to thrift for some of your key pieces. That mid-century modern dresser was exactly what I needed for this little nursery, but it wasn’t easy to come by (especially for less than $50). — Anna

Paint: Valspar’s Dutch Licorice
Crib: Baby Mod
Drapes: DIY project (they are actually a painter’s drop cloth cut in half, stitched with a pole pocket and embellished by hot glueing pom-pom trim)

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  • Beautiful! You know, I’ve actually read that babies are soothed by darker nursery walls because they mimic the womb. I’m considering navy in my nursery palette — this is great inspiration!

  • I love that! It’s definitely masculine, but not over the top for a baby. I really love that paint color and the mid century dresser.

  • oooo very nice. I love the rug and curtains witht he dark walls. It may be a bit too dark for me but it still looks great. Perhaps one of the walls needs to be white (or a lighter colour) to brighten up the room? (It could be jsut the glare from the window that makes it look darker than it is – it’s probably warm and cozy in person)

  • looks great, love all the furnishings but doesn’t feel babyish to me. I know and agree that babies don’t have to have pastels and tacky stuff and that tasteful is all good for them but I don’t know…maybe something more playful or a room that says ‘here – grow and mess me up with lego, play and friends’ I waited until my kids were a wee bit older to decorate so I could bring out their personailities (and save up) but then the downside is that they had crap rooms for a couple of years.

  • Well, Navy sure is a lot better than black! Its pretty, but I still have a hard time getting on board with “sophisticated nurseries” Who are are we kidding? Babies are not sophisticated individuals…. they are, um,… babies. To me,this seems to be more for the parents,(and possibly their friends). Embrace the sweetness! (you’ll never get to do this again…and they grow up SO fast!) Trust me on this

  • But Bernie, if the parents and friends like it thats great since baby wont notice much for a long time. He will, however, LOVE all the contrast of the dark and light and the bold patterned rug. Who were the pale colors and bunny borders of he past for anyway? Surely not baby. Its all for the grownups to enjoy so might as well do what you like.

  • RugsUSA.com sells that rug, it’s kind of pricey though. Love the nursery! I’m not into all the pastel colors & baby accessories myself. I like the idea of a more sophisticated nursery. The idea is most of the pieces can grow with the child. You spend less money in the long run that way. Anyways, paint can also be changed on a budget and that rug has some awesome colors so you can paint the walls whatever color the kid likes when their old enough to decide.

  • I usually prefer light walls with pops of colour but this works really great in this room. Bet the little guy will sleep well in here!

    And love the vintage dresser.

    Maybe when he transitions to his big kid bed they’ll want to lighten and liven up the room a bit? (if so, Dream Child bedding would be a good way to go!)

  • This room is so cozy, fun and perfect for a little boy! I love the colour palette and I think by the time baby boy is big enough to form an opinion he will love it too! Imagine a little boy wanting to keep a pastel yellow or green room… I bet this will go over better in the long run. Congratulations on a beautifully curated room! You’ve given me much to consider for my baby #2!

  • I think its an awesome room. I love your choice of pictures above the crib. Where do you get the pictures?

  • Hello! I just came across this as I did a search for “rug over carpet” in Pinterest! This is the exact rug from overstock.com that I am looking to layer over the unfortunate carpet in my new apartment. However, the carpet is a bit more on the “plush” side, so I am hesitant as to how this rug will stand up to the carpet when a coffee table is placed on it.

    Do you have any tips, recos, etc? Since you know how this rug looks and feels, could you lend any advice? Really appreciate the help!

    By the way, the room looks great! I just LOVE this rug!