bandanas for a good cause

There are so many stories of people and businesses struggling to rebuild after Hurricane Sandy. For those of us in Brooklyn, it’s been heartbreaking to see amazing artists and small businesses based in Red Hook have everything they’ve worked for destroyed in one day. It can be hard to understand the real impact when you don’t hear individual stories, so I was glad to hear from designer Marissa Corwin of Hand Over Fist, who is not only doing something to support local Red Hook businesses, but also highlighting one person in particular.

Marissa has been screen printing projects for over a decade, and for the past few years, she’s been working with Victor, a printer in Red Hook. Victor used to work for a larger printer and decided to strike out on his own a few years ago, setting up his own shop on the third floor of a building. Marissa explained that, from day one, Victor has been a delight to work with: funny, thoughtful, open to trying new processes and incredibly meticulous in his work. Six months ago, Victor ran out of space and decided to move down to the first floor of a space in Red Hook. Then the hurricane came. Victor lost almost everything, including $70,000 worth of equipment, and has been struggling to find the funds to rebuild.

Marissa was so inspired by the strength and humor with which Victor has faced these challenges that she wanted to do something to give back. So she’s going to be donating 90% of the profits from her bandana sales to Victor. That’s a very generous percentage, and it’s going to rebuild such an important part of our art community. I hope that if any of you out there are interested, you’ll pick up a bandana or two. Brooklyn is made up of wonderful small businesses like Victor’s, so I hope he and all of the others will be able to reopen again soon. Thanks to Marissa for passing this story along. xo, grace

Photos by Pippa Drummond


I’m a sucker for bandanas….especially a bolt of bandana prints! Which can be found at Vogue Fabrics. I’ve a mind to create a quilt with bandana fabric. But these neighborhood ones are cool. Can we get one for Chicago and the various hoods? Back to the whole bandana fabric by the bolt, I really want the Potbelly Sandwich bandana fabric so I can make up a top with it.