ABJ Glassworks Companion Lamp

Ever since I wrote about ABJ Glassworks back in August, I have been eying the incredible faceted lamp she designed. It wasn’t in production this summer, but there was a pretty tempting preview image on Ashley’s blog that’s been on my mind every since. Thankfully those gorgeous lamps are now in production! Ashley’s companion lamp is being sold in two different sizes and in two different metals (silver or copper) on her website in limited editions of 15. I love that the faceted shape makes it feel modern, but the simple design lets it blend into a room without standing out too much. And the fact that you can put something inside? I’m a sucker for details like that. I’d have so much fun rotating plants and other decorative details in and out of the lamp base. If you’re interested in checking out either of ABJ’s new Companion Lamps, click here to read more and place an order ($240–$320). xo, grace

Ashley also designed a pretty tree-topper if you need something striking for the top of your tree . . .


Ashely probably did not DESIGN the tree topper since the mexican glass star has been around for hundreds of years.
Let’s give credit where credit is due.

Grace Bonney


no one’s trying to give her credit for the star shape in general- but she did design and build this one herself, so yes, i think credit is due for that.



i’ve been eyeing her mistletoe and tree toppers this season–but the lamp is beautiful! Handmade=credit due.


That tree topper is stunning. Does she still create them? If so, how much,