2012 D*S Scholarship Winners

It makes me endlessly happy to finish up this year’s posting schedule by announcing our 2012 D*S Scholarship winners. Every year, it’s the highlight of my work season to look through applicants and get inspired all over again by the amazing wealth of talent in our community. From budding high school artists to more seasoned graduate student designers, this year’s crop of candidates was incredibly talented and inspired thousands of you to come out and vote and comment in their favor. After last week’s voting, your input chose our final winners — and here they are! Congrats again to all our finalists, and thank you to everyone who entered, voted and supported this year’s scholarship. I can’t wait to see what comes next for these talented artists and designers. xo, grace

High School Winner
Pia Graham

Undergraduate Winners
1st place: Dominique Savidge
2nd place: Jennifer Bernstein
3rd place: Amber Esner
4th place: Kelsie Conley

Graduate Winners
1st place: Ashely Peifer
2nd place: Sara Plantefève-Castryck
3rd place: Amanda McCavour
4th place: Elisabeth McNair

Thank you again to our 2012 sponsors, O’More College of Design, West Elm, BRIKA and Parsons for generously donating this year’s awards.


Will you have another scholarship opportunity this year?