10 Gadgets to Keep You Warm This Season

warm techLiving in Southern California, I admit that I am not the first to complain about the cold weather. But having resided in cities like Chicago (born and bred), NYC and D.C., I know the trials and tribulations of keeping warm. So as the colder weather sneaks up on us (or in some cases, has already come), I thought I would round up some neat gadgets on this week’s My Life Scoop for helping you keep warm this winter. Click here to read the full post. I hope you all stay warm! — Stephanie

warming tech


Oh dear it is so cold in London, well at least for my spanish blood, I wear so many layers and such a huge coat that all you can see is my eyes. I like the ear warmer.


I would definitely go through withdrawal without my space heater, but what I really want is that portable fire place! I love cold weather, but I also love being toasty and warm.


We installed the Nest in our house while we were renovating and it’s amazing: we can set our radiant heat from our iPhones when we’re not home. Super great investment and looks great on the wall.


What is gadget #5 shown here? The post on My Life Scoop has a totally different set of things.