Weekly Wrap Up + Michael Robbins Furniture

Whenever I speak to woodworkers about their first project, it’s usually a chair or a table. There’s something about creating that first simple piece that seems to have an almost meditative effect on the maker. I always think about that when I see beautiful pieces, like these designs by Michael Robbins. Michael is a native New Yorker who now lives and works in upstate New York. He designs, produces and hand makes each and every piece in an old barn in the Hudson Valley. Michael just released his debut line of furniture this fall, and I love the way he stays true to classic designs but adds little modern twists, like contrasting wood types/stains and forms that are slightly altered. Most of all, I love how he lets the beauty of the wood shine through and keeps things clean and simple. These are most definitely going on my list of pieces to save up for when I have the funds for an adult purchase. That table above and the chairs below are just perfection. Click here to check out Michael’s site and contact him about purchasing. xo, grace

Below is a summary of this week’s highlights:

Miles Design

Grace, we loved the weekly wrap up you provided in this post. While my first passion in life is graphic and branding design, a close 3rd is interior design – specifically the crafting of furniture. Love to see others’ passion and enthusiasm for the art! Thanks :)


This is really lovely work! As a woodworker, I have to admire the skill and attention to detail here. They look absolutely solid and meium-weight, and of course aesthetically pleasing.


The michael robbins work is so delicat, his furnitures are full of great construction detail. Love the table!


I am truly in love with this table, if only dreams translated into money for such a gorgeous purchase!


Absolutely beautiful. The clean lines have so much power and poise.