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Thanksgiving Table: Weego Home

by Maxwell Tielman

To celebrate Thanksgiving this year, we’ve invited some of our favorite artists, designers, shop owners and tastemakers to create Thanksgiving table settings with their favorite objects and styles. This week, we’ve shown you tables styled by Michele Varian, Caitlin Mociun, Reform School and Furbish. Today’s table comes to you courtesy of Weego Home, a Santa Monica-based home shop and interior design firm. Weego offers a minimal and fresh take on the Thanksgiving theme with an autumnal color palette and modern pieces. — Max

A thoughtfully styled dining table creates the perfect tone for celebrating togetherness with loved ones this holiday season. Like every space in your life, Weego Home believes that your dining table should be a tasteful reflection of your unique personality and style. What better way to celebrate the upcoming festivities than showcasing some of our favorite tabletop picks!

Our solid walnut Cooper Dining Table provides the ideal base from which we constructed our Thanksgiving setting.  The Woven Sphere Bamboo Pendant Light and pair of hand-blown glass table lamps illuminate the room while simultaneously creating a warm ambiance. We couldn’t resist incorporating splashes of seasonal color, as shown with our powder-coated carrot-orange Lucy & Ethel dining chairs and vibrant floral centerpiece. We kept our table setting simple, opting for geometric placemats in subtle tones and modest vintage dishes and cutlery. Bringing in outdoor elements can add a rustic charm to every space. Our walnut natural Florence Credenza with natural raffia wallpaper panels adds to this earth-tone setting and works nicely with our dining table and burlap-covered lamp shades. Finally, a set of dainty bud vases complements our table by adding a vibrant dose of floral life. The bud vases, candle votives and tea set are some of Weego’s favorite accessories, as these unassuming accessories can help refresh any coffee table, buffet or entry space.

Our key tip this holiday season is it to keep your design simple. Resist the urge to over-decorate and instead focus on reducing clutter, brining in natural elements and allowing your favorite pieces [to shine]. Clean tabletops combined with soft lighting and interesting accessories are sure to produce a relaxed atmosphere that your guests will adore.

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  • I am loving everything in this posting! The cradenza is my fave. Great, simple look.

  • Gorgeous! The simple floral is lovely, and the pattern of the placemat and how it compliments the chairs is absolutely perfect!

  • Overall, I LOVE how earthy it is while still being contemporary. The only thing I don’t get is the chairs. They look odd and extremely uncomfortable. I’d guess guests would want to rush through dinner to get back to a comfy sofa.

  • Great way to encourage your guests to leave early! Those chairs are miserable. And I dare you, DS, to post this!

    • laura

      it’s not much of a dare to publish someone’s opinion. i publish comments on a daily basis that disagree or dislike things on the site. but do you i think you could have phrased your response in a more mature way though? absolutely.


  • I for one, love the chairs. I only take issue with the descriptive “solid” walnut table. It is indeed a gorgeous table, but as a woodworker, I like to encourage careful distinctions. It is not made of solid walnut boards, but rather a thin veneer of walnut glued to a hearty structure. A truly solid walnut table could not be built exactly to that design or for that cost. I know it’s obnoxious to nitpick, but it’s the woodworking equivalent to letterpress printed vs. offset printed or color inkjet printed.

    Also, the wall treatment in the second photo is awesome. What is it?

  • Thank you to everyone that posted comments (good or bad). We love feedback either way. I just had to respond about the comfort of the chairs because I feel like you would all be very surprised. I dare you to give them a shot because they are pretty awesome.

  • Weego Home does such an amazing job putting together great design. I would love to eat Thanksgiving at that table. And those chairs are really comfy! The wires are spaced so closely together, you do not realized you are sitting on wires. I have them!

  • I do have to agree with Asher at Weego Home concerning the chairs.
    We have the orange chair featured in white at home and it is very comfy cozy.
    The great thing about these chairs is that they are transitional for both interior and exterior. Weego Home has always been able to pull of a very comfortable modern organic settings.

  • I have to say, I love the chairs too; especially mixing up the colors and styles! Like Gaurav said, the wire spacing is so close together it almost feels like a solid surface. But if you are in doubt, you can actually get coordinating seat cushions for us ladies wearing short cocktail dresses over the holidays!

  • We sell the Bend chairs in Singapore, and if anything, a common reaction people have to them is, “I didn’t expect them to be so comfy!” If you’ve never actually sat on one before, you really can’t judge it by the look and material alone.

  • Nice modern styling, i do love the warmth of walnut wood and love the colour of the chairs but would like somehing with slightly more weight to compliment the table.